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What a cracking effort!

Exciting..... hoping for good news soon

The early morning news is that they headed off to Top Sinks from Dusty Junction around 12.15.  I imagine from there it was plain sailing - if not a bit tiring.  They were both going well anyway, one small technical diving issue in the sump otherwise pretty much to schedule.  I hope I'm not being too previous saying well done all.

Amazing effort. Looking forward to reading more about it. Would be a very worthy Descent article.  :thumbsup:

I guess the next challenge would be to complete it unsupported. Or maybe that's actually not possible?!? 

Understand it was about a 4:30am exit for the guys. Felt absolutely privileged to have been able to contribute in some sort of ways (Go Burkey's Bitches!).

Massive effort from Jason and Chris, and everyone else involved in the logistics of it.

My only negative point (and I potentially understand the reasons for it), is that I only heard about this going ahead by chance. It could have been a great bit of publicity for caving, and I'm not sure it'll get the same level of coverage after the matter. Also would have massively increased the number of volunteers willing to come and help and carry, and would have been great experience for university cavers (something Russell actually pointed out to me at the start of the thinking for this).


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