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Mayday Hole: ?lost krab?


We think an Ascent Lite krab may still be on a hanger somewhere in Mayday Hole.......it would be nice to be reunited should any teams be passing in the near future.

Also, the last drilled thread is not going to last very long.  The rock is shattered and fractured.  Lots of rope rub and , albeit small , pieces of rock on your head when it does go.

Cracking trip though: well done the diggers! 

Where is the thread?  Is it for the deviation on Baby pitch?  Not been down since it was resin anchored.

There is one Y hang below it, then the bottom of the pot.
It is the third and final DT deviation shown on the CNCC topo.

Pitches are numbered but not named.

The missing krab is likely to be on hanger number 2, or 9 or 18.  I.e. The single hang drops.

Ok thanks.  We didn't use a deviation there but I can see why it has been placed.

I must return to derig my traverse line and hangers from the larger ledge.  Did you notice whether it was still there?

oh... and glad you liked it.  Hoping to find a few more like that one  ;)

There are two fixed lines, one on the true L , muddy ledge and false floor ( rather good, but disconcerting it has a caver sized hole in it!).

The second line is true R, close to the bottom, leading down a hole.

We didn't investigate either.


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