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Hello folks.

Apologies if this has already been done but in case anybody is interested here goes.......

I have put together a file of recently taken digital images of the caves, rock shelters and rock arches on the Angus coastline, from Arbroath to the north end of Lunan bay.

The file contains 80 photographs of 69 sites each with my best guess six figure map reference. Since it runs to 130 MB I have split it into two parts to make it more e-mail friendly.

If anybody wants a copy I am more than happy to send it on.

Cheers DK.

Hi DK,

If you have Flickr account you could upload it there (with some restrictions on number of photos) and send us the link. If you've got BT Internet then you have Flickr Pro automatically and can upload the whole lot.



Im up to the limit on flickr and all of my other photo accounts as it is  :o

Will have scout around and see if there is anywhere I have missed. Or mabey that situation is a a sign that its time for a clear out  ;)

I tried the image hosting solution but it does not work out because I can not get them to copy over the map references/names/locations which just leaves a collection of random and therefore pointless collection of images. Unless I type them all in individualy again which I dont have time for at the moment. Sorry.

If my techy department sorts out a solution I will get it done soon as.  ;)

Slideshow -       http://orange.photobox.co.uk/slideshow?album_id=21613731

Try here -        http://orange.photobox.co.uk/album/21613731

or here-       http://orange.photobox.co.uk/my/album?album_id=21613731

to view as album.

Obviously it will require some editing. I have left out some of the cave names for the moment due to getting some understandably conflicting information on the subject. Some of the grid numbers between Auchmithie and Prail may need to be tweaked by a digit. Some caves may be missing - waiting for the nettle forests to die back a bit before going in to a couple of locations  ;)

Can anybody who has kayaked their way into Gaylet Pot tell me if it is connected to Gullimot Cave ?

Anything else I have  missed ?


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