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We're On The Telly 13th September

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Like Cavers and Hate Crooks?

We will be featured on Tomorrows BBC Crime watch Roadshow Tomorrow at 9:15 on BBC ONE. 🎬

You will get to see Michelle Ackerely getting hands on at one of our training sessions, see what goes on below the surface and you might even be able to help catch some baddies with the local crime appeals.

The episode will only be on iPlayer for 24 hours so press that record button!

We will post a few behind the scenes on this thread after the program has aired

Jenny P:
Just watched it and it's not bad for a "popular" show about a technical subject.

There are two sections in the programme:  from about 12 mins to 21min 50 and then again from about 23mins 30 to about 25 mins 50. 

Amusing that presenter Michelle was given an absolutely pristine bright blue over-suit - possibly to distinguish her from the other grotty-looking types.  However, her bum was noticeably muddy when she was being hoisted back up the shaft.  Knotlow system by the looks of it?

As for the surface abseil from the tower - can't say I'd fancy abseiling in an open and baggy coat!

DCRO explanatory bits are good and emphasise VOLUNTEER CAVERS rescuing their own.  Good bit of publicity for Cave Rescue generally and DCRO in particular.

Pete K:
I provided all the caving kit for the crew from my business stores, hence everything looking so out of place clean compared the usual state of cavers' oversuits.
And yes, Knotlow.

How about a game of Wezzit.

The program is on iplayer at

The beginning of the segment shows three still images... We zits

Not quite sure what the idea was to incorporate a standard rescue into a programme about fighting crime, seemed to be just somewhere to fill time as they were in the Buxton area, but good showcase for the team.


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