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I'm trying to find out if theres anyone still digging in the mendips and how I can join them!
I've just moved to Bognor Regis and need to find a muddy hole or 2 to scrape around in!
Anyone that knows anyone get in touch

Mendip without digging would be like a brewery without beer!  Contact some of the locally based clubs, e.g. Mendip Caving Group, Wessex, BEC, Shepton, MNRC, etc. etc.
A lot have clubs huts on Mendip but access is restricted at present.

There are plenty of active digs in the area. Mostly weekday evenings.

I'm not too sure if Covid has increased or decreased the amount of digging overall. For me, it's meant more digging as there is nothing else to do and with no pub to go to, we've Bee digging later into the evening without the worry of missing closing time.

Most diggers would welcome some extra help but some digs are more technical than others to get to, so depending on your current fitness, size and experience, some digs may be more or less suitable.

We currently have one dig down a pretty narrow and torturous entrance series and another that's underwater. We could use some help at the former, but that help would need to be able to get themselves into and out of the cave without assistance, preferably carrying a bag of tools.

It would probably be best to get to know some local cavers through a club and if you're keen to dig, it won't take long before someone has roped you into a project.

Quite a drive from Bognor Regis though, so evenings probably aren't ideal.

Portland may be easier for you?

A little further afield.  There is an active dig in Mercavity Cave in the Avon Gorge, Bristol.

Surely that should read hibernating dig in Mercavity Tony!


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