More CHECC run, BCA funded Yoga sessions for cavers!



wording stolen from CHECC facebook page


I'm very pleased to inform you that as of next week 'Yoga for Cavers' with Caroline Nunn will be recommencing! We have funding from the BCA for another 8 week block of sessions, so huge thanks to the BCA for that. This means that the sessions will again be free of charge.

The session timing has swapped to Tuesdays at 7 - 8 pm. This means that the first session will happen next Tuesday 11th May at 7 - 8 pm. Hopefully everyone who was into it last time can still attend at the revised time.
We've also changed the sign-up format slightly to make it simpler for those wanting to attend. There will now be only one google form to fill out right at the start, which will collect the same details as last time (which are necessary for Caroline's insurance). After completion, you will gain access to a permanent Zoom link which can be used every week to access the session. Fill out the form here:

Please circulate these details to your members and encourage them to fill out the form and attend. Hopefully see you next Tuesday!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Rob Watson, CHECC's training officer, for being the real driving force behind this 'outside the box' idea that I hope will continue to benefit all cavers, students or other. If you have any ideas that you think will benefit cavers from a youth & development or diversity & inclusion angle, please feel free to get in touch with me at

Ian Ball:
Good work all round  :thumbsup:

So CHECC have made a page on their website with all the links to all the Yoga sessions organised by Rob Watson (CHECC training officer).

Rob came to me with the idea as a way of keeping university cavers going over lockdown, and I was able to pay for these out of the BCA Youth & Development budget. I'm always happy to listen to ideas like this, and was able to open up the sessions to the whole of the BCA membership.

Cracking effort, Josh! Can I twist your arm for something for the BCA website - a blog post or update to the Y&D page perhaps?  ;D


--- Quote from: aricooperdavis on October 12, 2021, 05:30:33 pm ---Cracking effort, Josh! Can I twist your arm for something for the BCA website - a blog post or update to the Y&D page perhaps?  ;D

--- End quote ---

No arm twisting required at all. I'll drop you an email :)


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