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Simon Latimer:
I’m hoping for some advice about electric winches. We have one and it has been used half a dozen times. However the motor gets very hot andI don’t think it’s designed for multiple lifts, continuous work.
i’m looking to replace this with a more suitable electric or petrol winch. Any advice would be gratefully received.

What's the motor power rating? My initial thought was that you've got an underpowered motor on it and you need something with a bit more heft.

Simon Latimer:

It’s one of these.

Unfortunately that kind of cheap-as-chips Chinese motor tends to run very hot. The insulation is probably rated for it so it's not actually in danger of catching fire, but it will certainly shorten its life.

You may find that buying a branded items from Machine Mart or similar gives you a much better quality product for not a lot more money.

Simon Latimer:
Yeh. It’s just which one to go for.  I’ll probably ask a lifting company for advice. Don’t know which one though.


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