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Ian Ball:
I've not quite made up my mind who I want to vote for. Podcast two tonight, I listened to Russell yesterday and I was quite impressed, a man who has had a very fast rise to the top job because he is capable, or is it because as he joins the person above him gets mysteriously moved aside (bizarre gardening accidents?  :o  )

OR No reason for Badlad to not say his piece in my eyes, anything to get the debate going is a good thing in my book.

I might wait till the 13th day to vote just to pad out the BCA voting statistics.

Good luck candidates.


--- Quote from: Oceanrower on October 08, 2021, 08:57:29 pm ---But I do find it VERY off that an administrator (and, I believe, owner) of the biggest caving website in the UK feels it appropriate to endorse one candidate over the other.

--- End quote ---

jeeeeezus...  :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

When will you lot get it in to your tiny little minds that UKcaving is just a Forum.... an open forum... not a "website".  It has no agenda, it can't push an agenda, the people, (owners if you must, but they are just long suffering facilitators) cant push an agenda.  How can they.  Anyone can contribute and push their ideas, which are there to be challenged, agreed with, supported, knocked down etc.

Its not a media outlet, there is no control over content (other than a basic level of moderation to ensure things remain civil and content is not slanderous/illegal/unsavoury etc etc)

Its an open forum where anyone... and I mean anyone can voice their opinions, and so long as thing remain civil, those opinions are not censored by anyone.

Why.... how... do people think that its anything other than that.. that Tim and Jane have any ability to push an agenda.

In my opinion Darknessbelow is a 'website' that publishes 'content' and its owners can choose which content it publishes.  I think it definitely pushes an agenda.

Tim and Jane are just Landlords of a caving pub.  They invite people into the bar to chat about all things caving.  They do not discriminately on grounds or race,colour,creed,gender,political or sexual persuasion  in any way.  Only, in a very few cases, has the odd trouble maker, been "barred", as would have happened in any normal pub.

Get grip people.

And breathe  :lol:


--- Quote from: Ian Ball on October 08, 2021, 10:02:06 pm ---I might wait till the 13th day to vote just to pad out the BCA voting statistics.

--- End quote ---

Pest! :spank: :lol:

As a BCA DIM, will I get an email inviting me to cast my vote? (My email is registered.)
Nowt's arrived yet.


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