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Free Krab in giants upper pullthrough!

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As Sam says they generally need some load applying.
When there is a load on the karabiner it is quite common to just have a quick check to see if it is done up properly. When you do this you can often get a little bit of an extra turn on the gate, however when unloaded they are then more difficult to release.
The reason is most connectors elongate a little under load - allowing further tightening of the gate. They are in effect a C shape and under lower loads the gate pin does not take any load allowing the c to uncurls a little.
Once you unload the karabiner it reverts to its previous length and locks the gate - sometimes so it cannot be undone.
So rather than bite or hit it just clip in to it and apply a load and the try again.
If that fails then feel free to bray the living daylights out of it, but throw it away afterwards!!!!!

Few pies from Bradda Chippy and go back later....

T pot 2:
It's not correct practice but I never tighten a crab or mallion tight I always tighten them and then back them off a quarter of a turn


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Actually this was the reason I was up there, couldn't get up the f'in stresmway

Thanks everyone for your advice and good technical explanation!!

I think you can

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I think I would do so more if only I knew how :lol: :bounce: :dig: :blink: :clap2: :smartass: :tease:


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