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Yesterday at 10:25:29 am by Pegasus | Views: 288 | Comments: 13


The Photograph with the most likes wins!! Then there's a second and third :)

Vote for as many as you like.  Last votes to be cast by 10pm 23rd July

David from Inglesport is away, so all blame for choosing the wrong photos for the shortlist on me  :-[
(In the event of a tie, David will choose)

When selecting photos for the shortlist I used the following criteria:

It's not only cavers who will be seeing the winning shots as the cafe has non caving customers too - I wanted photographs that would appeal to the general public, with a positive view of caving whilst also being great to look at too.

For the shortlist to show a variety of shots and subjects.

I chose ones I liked and tried really hard to ignore who they were by to avoid favouring cavers I know personally.

I chose my 10  (Ok, OK there are 13, it was too hard to get down to 10) then listed them randomly (

Thanks once again to everyone who entered, you're all winners in my eyes  :hug:

Thanks also to Inglesport for supporting the competition (and to UKC for the £50 winner's voucher!)

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