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Yesterday at 05:09:08 pm by irnbru | Views: 289 | Comments: 3

Hi folks,

There is a limited release premiere of a new National Geographic documentary in relation the rescue in Thailand.

The link is here:

You can book tickets for showings on the 26th October and I understand that there will be a live producer Q&A along with a few of the divers.
October 05, 2021, 03:47:17 pm by Pegasus | Views: 1505 | Comments: 26


It's Freshers at the moment and many University clubs are working hard, encouraging a new generation of people to our sport - well done to you all!

Back in the day, I was one of those freshers yet, despite some fun trips and so much effort by BUSS, not many of the intial intake became active cavers and longer term club members.  So what is it that persuades 'newbies' to carry on caving after those first few trips?  For me it was the 55ft pitch in Pool Sink - OMG was it hard to climb that ladder on the way out  :o, I was so, so tired.  I'd never had to push myself like that before, but I did it and the feeling of achievement was huge - I was hooked  ;D

Tell us what you enjoyed about this new sport to keep you coming back for more, what/who inspired you? - what got you hooked?! Repetition is fine - maybe everyone will have similar reasons, not a problem. 

Post your entry on this thread, I'll choose my favourites for a shortlist then over to
If you'd like to add photos please see here on how to do it:

If you are struggling (as there are problems posting photos which we are looking into) PM me and I will add them to your post.

One entry per caver.  Closing date Sunday 17th October 10pm

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Many thanks to SpanSet for the fab shiny prize  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Lots more info on the rope here: (thanks to Pete K for the review which I am shamelessly using  :thumbsup: ;D

Good luck!!

Hopefully the entries will make useful reading for those involved in promoting caving :)
Maybe folks will want to discuss this topic further - great, however please not on this thread, start a new one, ta  :thumbsup:

September 29, 2021, 05:12:35 pm by BCA Secretary | Views: 2133 | Comments: 38

Details of the forthcoming AGM have now been posted on the BCA website including:

Date Sunday 10th October and time 10.30 am on Zoom
The need to sign up to attend the Zoom meeting but please only do so if you intend to speak
Reference to the live Facebook feed but note this will not allow any interaction
Instructions on the post AGM voting for nominations and proposals
Proposals including a link to a podcast discussion about them
A list of candidates plus their election statements
A link to podcasts of interviews of the candidates for the position of Chair
The link to the Website proposal is here:

AGM 2021 - British Caving Association (

Officer reports have now been received and will be circulated shortly.

I look forward to your participation, in the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me or other members of the Executive:

Kind Regards

Russell Myers

Acting Chair

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