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--- Quote from: mikem on August 25, 2021, 11:28:59 pm ---Kev West & Nigel Atkins are still active.

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I bet, they were great fun, Kev was simply mental and so much fun.
He drove from Derbyshire to teach and caved everyday, then you asked him what he was doing at weekend? back caving of course!
Made you really relax and were great teachers, did 3 week long courses in the end.
Good to hear they are both well.


--- Quote from: dalescaver on August 25, 2021, 09:30:22 pm ---Would like to get back into SRT, did some courses back in the early 90`s with Pennine`s Kev West and Nigel Atkins, awesome duo underground and above! great fun doing all courses in SRT, Rigging and rescue.

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Nigel is still running courses for DCA - his email is


--- Quote from: dalescaver on August 25, 2021, 11:06:18 pm ---
the YSS are just down the road from where we are heading so handy and local. Thanks again.

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In that case, BPC will be close too. They're at Brackenbottom, just off the road from Horton to Helwith. And Craven are in Horton. So just see which of those three you like the best.

For the record....CPC also have a rope practice area (upgraded this summer) in Bridge End (opposite our Cottage in Horton), which enables all basic manouvers to be practiced in an indoor environment. Obviously it isn't as extensive as the YSS.

Caveman Ken:
Hi!. If your still looking for SRT training I can recommend the SRT courses put on by the CNCC. First class and very good value. I think they will be putting on some more in January.


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