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Ian Adams:
Graigwen snaffled it at the last minute .... it is Cefn Coch Gold Mine  :thumbsup:

Over to you .....  :chair:

Thought it was a cave wezzit, not a mine wezzit  :chair:.
Sorry sec

It is 49 years since I was last at Cefn Coch, but I did have an unfair advantage of being employed then as a gold prospector. I even wrote a report on the place - although it only ran to half a page.

I am not sure having photos of obscure Welsh mines on a caving forum is a good idea, to demonstrate this here is a photo that a couple of years ago caused members of a Welsh mining club a lot of identification problems; I believe it may also be Roy Fellows proof. I'll find something more sensible and easy to identify tomorrow morning.

OK here is a real limestone cave. It is very short but possibly geologically significant - the flow stone is at least 20cm thick.


Wot? No interest after a couple of weeks? Time for clues.

1  Don't bother about the unguessable mine. It is the upper trial level of Rhiw manganese mine near Aberdaron. (About SH 22167 28360).

2   The cave is in south Wales. It is in the dolomitized limestone of the Lower Clydach Valley Subgroup. Although a fairly recent discovery it is on the Cambrian Cave Registry. Although very short, the thickness of flowstone in it demonstrates that in the past a considerable amount of water has flowed move than 50m above the nearby surface river.


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