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Adventure and Expo CHECC Grand Prize Entry


Alex Noot:
Gopping Mistral trip

On a beautiful Mizzly day we were going to perhaps the muddiest cave in Yorkshire; Mistral. After a commute to the Red Rose caving Cottage we changed into our stylish blue and red over suits and began our walk over the hills to find the cave! On route Jimmy almost lost his wellie in a big muddy puddle and fell over… poor Jimmy (The Spiced Rum was taking its toll!). After hiking over varying terrain, we crossed a stream and witnessed the entrance of the cave.

To get into the cave we had to negotiate a vertical climb down. One by one we made our way down into the cave and we quickly found ourselves in a horizontal chimney like crawling gap we continued through this. We made good progress further into the cave and found ourselves in a large chamber. There Lawrence set up his gopro for a group photo and we then continued throughout the cave.

After a short period of time we came to a very tight corridor where we had to shuffle sideways. The ‘Crab Dance’ was born by Alex Noot and myself. We then stylishly entered a large chasm like chamber with massive boulders filling the centre. We found ourselves scrambling over the thick mud covered boulders… round 1 of the mud fight began. From this we went into a small opening, just big enough to crawl in. The ground was polished limestone, and was perfect for sliding. We pretended to be snakes…..I’m a snnnnnake!

We then found ourselves in another large chamber. But this one was the most fun. There was a giant mud slide with a mud pool at the bottom of it. So we all darted for the mud slide and ended up plastered head to toe in mud. Many wellies got sucked in by the mud and Jimmy nearly had to be rescued as he was literally stuck in the mud! Eventually the wellies and Jimmy got retrieved. My blonde hair was unrecognisable it had become a big brown mess, I was a mud monster!

We then made our way through the cave, and we had a good roll around in the caves stream to clean ourselves. Elegantly perched on a rock I tucked into my mars bar, mud monster’s get hungry too! After some much needed energy we then made our way back through the cave to the entrance and hiked in the dark (With our head torches on) back to the hut. Back at the hut we stripped off…. Don’t worry bikini was still on! And washed our caving kit in a convenient stream outside the Red Rose Cottage; we did our best to get rid of the mud. Then it was time to have a delightful, hot shower and sort out the mud which was caked in my hair. A while later I was clean!!

Kit kat


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