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Title: Ropes belonging to ULSA
Post by: Pitlamp on July 18, 2020, 12:27:11 pm
At Greenclose (the NPC's premises near Clapham) a couple of ropes labelled "ULSA" have turned up, whilst having a tidy. They're about 15 m to 20 m long. I suspect they got marooned there when the coronavirus pandemic lockdown struck in March. If one of you would like to collect them, please send me a PM. You can't go in the building but if we make an arrangement I could probably stash them somewhere for you to pick up.

There's also a yellow (Eurospeleo?) rope labelled on red insulation tape: "Digging" (but not labelled "ULSA"). Not sure if this is yours or the NPC's but we can sort it if you do think it may belong to ULSA.
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