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It was quite predictible that my post would prompt such challenges. I don't think you realise just how much this sort of response stifles friendly discourse here, and puts many off getting involved. I have no intention of engaging with such people. It makes me feel quit unconfortable and I thought long and hard before contributing anything at all. I am glad the cave has been cleaned up and that the reality of the situation is that the mess was NOTHING like as bad as we were being led to believe. At least as long as we trust Huge's report. Why would anyone try to mislead us like this? It was almost worthy of Donald Trump. One reply to Huge could almost have been written by Trump except there were some quite long words and sentences in it. Trying to take credit for inspiring the clean up and then suggesting the reality was that Huge is used to seeing filthy caves as a means to justify his reportedly shocked reaction. Anyway, the cave camp is clean which is much more important than the politics and stupid point scoring. Thank you again Huge and friends.
What a refreshing post from Huge, who seems to be one of the silent majority, along with his colleagues, totally fed up with the far too noisy and childish public linen-washing cavers who have nothing better to do that try to score points off each other.
It's not about scoring points. If you think it is, you've missed the point completely. I'd like nothing more than to be able to just go caving and let them get on with it, but I'm not about to sit back and say nothing while these things happen, because concrete is kind of hard to remove when it's set.

Perhaps it's time a few more cavers stopped sitting on the sidelines and spoke up decrying the attention-seeking and divisive comments that continue to plague the caving world.
How about you stop sitting on the sidelines and speak up and let them know that most cavers think concreting a cave is a stupid idea.  I get told that in person. A lot. I've yet to talk to a single person who thinks closing Drws Cefn is a good idea.

Time that a few more cavers started some topics unsullied by insidious poison and demonstrated that most cavers really don't care what a few noisy and prominent posters think.
"La la la la, I can't hear you". If you let people think you're ok with it, they'll do it again.
Sporting Trips in The UK / Re: Juniper Gulf
« Last post by Ian Ball on Yesterday at 11:59:14 pm »
Enjoyed that, I think that is one of my fave trips.
Film & Photography / Re: Olympus TG 4 in Night Scene Mode.
« Last post by SamT on Yesterday at 11:43:39 pm »
On your recent recommendation Mr OR I bought myself a TG-4, mostly for use when we're in the Lake District (it rains a fair bit there you know...). Anyway, I love it! The fact it can give RAW images is very handy, it takes great pictures, & I like the way when you switch it on it's instantly ready. I bought a floating strap for it for when I get my dighy out on Derwentwater. It's just a lovely thing altogether.
which floating strap did you buy.. out of interest?
"Time that a few more cavers started some topics unsullied by insidious poison and demonstrated that most cavers really don't care what a few noisy and prominent posters think."

Well, as you are obviously unsullied, tell us what you think. I agree with you that it is high time that most cavers gave us their views; if they did then maybe this whole situation might have been resolved many years ago. What do most cavers think?

I await your new topic.
Idle Chat / Re: Cryptic caves
« Last post by Ian Ball on Yesterday at 11:41:15 pm »
Cape Kennedy?
Sporting Trips in The UK / Re: Extreme mud in extreme ways
« Last post by Ian Ball on Yesterday at 11:38:36 pm »
New To Caving / Re: Old sod just starting out
« Last post by Tribal Chestnut on Yesterday at 11:28:31 pm »
Another trip to Goatchurch today.

Found the drainpipe but didn't have much luck with the passages at the other end, got a little bit stuck, but we had a little Russian lady with us who was helpfully able to inform me that I wasn't missing much.

Then on to Sidcot which was fun. I found it very poky and with some rather awkward little bits. Got down to the ducks before heading back out. Might explore 'purgatory' a little more next time, but the description of 'not suitable for novices' put me off today. Had visions of me sliding down and getting wedged in.

Next trip will hopefully be Wales in a couple of weeks.

Lots more fun to come.
Less than two weeks to go until our new members weekend.  There are still a few places available, so if you are interested see the details and contact information on our web site:
Calendar of Events / CHECC 2017 (Dalesbridge, Yorkshire Dales)
« Last post by blhall195 on Yesterday at 10:09:13 pm »
Tickets - £24pp,
Booking deadline - November 5th for the first round, November 16th thereafter
Venue - Dalesbridge
Dates: 24-26th November 2017

Ticket info

Please follow the link below to download the CHECC 2017 booking form, it’s a new form so if there are any issues let us know and we’ll fix it:

Email a copy of the completed form to

Each club needs to provide a SEPARATE ticket payment and deposit payment (tickets via Bank transfer only, deposits preferably by cheque). Deposits payments will be returned to you (or cheques destroyed) after the event provided no damage has been incurred.

The first round of tickets are now on sale! There is a quota of 15 tickets per club to ensure a fair chance for all clubs to attend. The first round of ticket sales will end on November 5th, after which the remaining tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. From this date, all tickets must be paid for to secure reservations.

We won’t be able to accept any bookings after 16th November as food shopping will take place on that weekend. We will be sending out extra information soon, including competition details and the 2017 event information pack.

UK Caving Grand Prize

This year UK Caving are again putting on a Grand Prize, with over £1,000 worth of equipment up for grabs by the Ultimate Caving Club of the Year, so look out for details on how to enter our competitions, from literature to photography and more! The more entries, the greater chance of winning swag for your club.

T-Shirt Competition

The T-shirt competition for this year’s T-shirt is now underway! Please note that all entries must be sent to by the 31st October. There are no rules regarding the content of entries, so let’s get creative!

Samuel Snowden (SUSS) will be co-ordinating the T-Shirt order this year. He will be sending out a separate order form and information about this once the competition winner has been announced. 

New Chair

Thom Starnes’ reign as Chair is sadly coming to an end. Do you fancy being the next face of student caving in the UK? If you would like to stand for the position, please email the committee at for information. We’ll be happy to give you more information about the role and what it’s like to run CHECC.


CHECC remains dedicated to promoting training opportunities, and this year we have the most ambitious and diverse training programme yet. Further details will follow together with signups (all training is free), so look out for this from our Honourable Training Secretary Josh Bratchley. Just to give you a taste of what’s on offer, this year we will be running the traditional SRT, photography and surveying workshops as well as the hugely successful cave rescue training and some new opportunities including kit safety inspections and bat identification & ecology!


We will be sending out the CHECC 2017 Forum Information Pack soon, so please look out for this as it will contain all of the information regarding the event, from venue directions to competition details.

See you soon!
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