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Reduced to £50 be quick before she puts the weight back on!
Idle Chat / Re: Cryptic caves
« Last post by Topimo on Today at 09:59:35 am »
Hurtle pot?
Surveying / Help with Flowstone Area in Therion
« Last post by felixrulz on Today at 08:03:04 am »
So, I have just started learning how to use Therion. I started by surveying a small extension I found a week ago or so as it seemed like a fairly straight forward passage.
I am having trouble with one of the areas I have told Therion to fill with flowstone...

You can see in the attached image the flowstone is leaking out of the area I defined. It extends out in a small arc...
I have attached the images of the three lines I am using to define the area.

I have tried adding a 4th border line outside the walls, so that is is defined by 4 lines. But this didn't work... I also originally had the the line at the bottom of the flowstone joined to the lines above and below it. I have now split it up, but it also didn't fix the problem.

"a heavy handed approach which saw them being blasted for having not returned a hut key within a handful of days of leaving the Hut"

I'm not sure which hut or student club this comment is about.  The club that I'm a member of has had mainly good experiences but the occasional unfortunate one too.  One university club has lost two hut keys on different visits which is mainly a nuisance but also a concern if they were dropped near the building, while another club left the door unlocked with the electricity and gas turned on which is worrying.

I'm all in favour letting out our hut to student caving clubs and any other bona fide cavers.  We could easily check up on a Monday that things were left OK as various of our members live locally.  But it would be nice if it was always left safe and cleaned up thanks.

This thread began about cleaning up parts of Ogof Draenen so we're heading a bit off topic here with lost hut keys and lack of spectacular discoveries (until lately).  So hoping that some good news will appear soon on topic.
Peak District / Hillocks/Wharf Mine
« Last post by Madness on Today at 12:34:03 am »
Did a quick trip down Hillocks tonight. There was a slight smell of rotting flesh near the bottom of Wharf Main Shaft. There was nothing noticeable that would cause the smell.
More concerning was a number of rocks covered in green lichen at the foot of the shaft. Some had very recent impact marks. To me it seemed obvious that they'd come from somewhere exposed to daylight. So they'd either been thrown down the shaft or they were part of the ginging at the top of the shaft. We had a quick look at the top of Wharf Main Shaft when we got out of Hillocks. Another group of cavers were down the shaft, but the ginging looked intact. I'd be interested if they noticed the smell or the lichen cover rocks.
It does appear that some idiot may have dropped some rocks off the nearby wall down the shaft. However, you do need a Derbyshire Key to lift the lid, so whoever dropped the rocks must have planned to do it beforehand.
Wales / Re: Draenen New Entrances
« Last post by Graigwen on Today at 12:23:48 am »
Some sceptics seem to think that the satellite images of "Ogof Draenen Newydd" have been Photoshopped or somehow modified. This is not the case and you can check for yourself on Google Earth.

This site can also be seen on the excellent "Clydach Gorge Cave Location Map" available online at  Over the past couple of years I have found the pages provided by to be extremely useful, both for cave prospecting and information on existing caves. Surely nobody would think that would host information on spurious sites....would they?


I would be more than willing to talk to some of the current crop of OUCC cavers, particularly if they have a more rational and enlightened approach than some of their predecessors. Tell them to feel free to contact me directly or pass me on their details and I will contact them myself. I take your point concerning "tarring everyone with the same brush" and I apologise if my comments have caused offence to any innocent parties. Believe me, I would love to be proved wrong in my assessment of their club.

Regarding supporting student caving in general, I entirely concur with your view: it should be encouraged in as many ways as possible. If current OUCC members (or any other student groups) encounter problems whilst caving in South Wales (particularly with regard to access) then just let me know and I will do whatever I can to help. I have made many worthwhile contacts over the years and if these can be put to good use to benefit the next generation of cavers, then so much the better.
Alastair - It sounds like you are grinding somebody else's axe!

I, and probably the handful of other old OUCC members who post on here, would love to hear the views and exploits of current OUCC members (whether you quite like them or not). The club used to be very good on passing on news of its discoveries but this stopped some seven years ago for Draenen, and pretty much entirely four years ago. Have they found nothing in Draenen since 2010 despite their digging and camping trips?

And I'm pretty sure Nig does not have a Hut which he lends out keys to ... perhaps your reference is to Stuart helping out with administration of Whitewalls for Chelsea: in either case it's not relevant here is it?
Caving Chat / Re: Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - Volume 2
« Last post by psychocrawler on Yesterday at 11:07:33 pm »
My copy crashed through the letterbox today. This is a fantastic accumulation of knowledge in the form of text, photos, maps and diagrams and a worthy succesor to its 1974 predecessor. Most of it has been published before on-line but there are significant new chapters in this paper edition and also some useful edits and corrections included. The hard copy is certainly more impressive than a set of pdf files. This will keep my armchair caving going for some time and may even stimulate the occasional potholing trip.

There is one omission that is also mysteriously absent from the new Northern Caves. See the map on p228 of the 1974 Limestones and Caves of North West England or have a look for a trip advert behind the bar of a well known pub in Dent. This cave really needs to be published after all this time and the number of people who know of its existence and have been in it! Somebody please....
Peak District / Re: Nun Brook, near Buxton - anything there?
« Last post by SamT on Yesterday at 10:55:21 pm »
Well.. when I eventually get the eldon journals scanned in and up online.. you can have a peruse!
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