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I don't care if it is dark down there - you volunteered to come caving, so down you go!
I'm building my wigwam there, whether you like it or not!
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by mikem on Today at 03:52:10 pm »
Unfortunately everyone has different agendas in this crisis & there's no way that they can all be satisfied - some (mostly inner cities) are struggling to survive as they can't get work, or grants (or don't know about / won't apply for them)
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by Fjell on Today at 03:48:59 pm »
More on the second jab gap:

If you look at the BMA site, they refer only to medical staff. They are a union. They also wanted doctors vaccinated before 90 year olds. They were rebuffed on that one too. The people knocking them back are the most senior doctors in the country, the GMC level ones who hold the line on ethics. And the ethics say the patient comes before the doctor, it’s hammered into them at medical school, even more so these days after things like the Staffs debacle. The medical school recruitment criteria have also changed to try and get rid of the ones with zero empathy you might be familiar with over the years - some of those seem to hang out at the BMA.
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by Speleofish on Today at 03:47:23 pm »
Following Droid's post, I can't understand the BMA's resistance to this. Their argument seems to be almost exclusively based on the UK being outliers which, in this case, is probably the right place to be. I understand Pfizer stressing they don't have data to support extending the interval between doses. They have a very specific license and encouraging people to use their vaccine in unapproved ways exposes them to possible litigation and billion dollar fines. Similarly, the WHO is an extremely risk-averse organisation and cannot be seen to be encouraging non-standard behaviour.
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by Speleofish on Today at 03:41:16 pm »
I agree it's morally unjustifiable to recruit in huge numbers from overseas because we haven't trained enough staff in country, particularly from countries with limited resources. However, after 2008 there were large numbers of EU nurses who couldn't find work in their own countries. As a result, we recruited a fabulous group of Italian, Spanish and Portugese nurses who made a huge contribution to our unit, brought different perspectives and were generally a delight to work with.

In medicine, there is a training scheme that brings overseas graduates to the UK for defined periods (usually two-three years) after which they are expected to return home. When it works, this is mutually beneficial. Some do stay on but the majority don't. Most of them (especially from India and Sri Lanka) go back to a lower salary but a much higher standard of living than they (or I) enjoy in the UK.
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by droid on Today at 03:39:40 pm »
More on the second jab gap:
OK, I know things are difficult during the lockdown, but, who's been digging this hole in my garden?
Peak District / Re: James Puttrell
« Last post by AR on Today at 03:23:50 pm »
You're right about the bloke with the beard not being the handshaker, if you look his left hand is on the stows and there is someone stood behind him (possibly wearing a trilby?) doing the shake. If it's not George Eagle, then John Mort senior (his deputy) would be the next most likely candidate.
Idle Chat / Re: Covid 19
« Last post by Fjell on Today at 03:18:51 pm »
Taking a large number of medical staff from other countries because demand here is higher than training capacity is more than a little immoral, it verges on wholly evil. Is it credible that the UK cannot find or train enough staff for decades to come?

In both nursing and medicine about half of applicants are unsuccessful in getting into a degree. The NHS has a multi-decade staffing plan which assumes a huge fraction of staff being recruited abroad.
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