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I badly sprained my ankle when my foot rolled over climbing down into the Mostest, DYO on the way to the Far North on a pushing trip Easter 1971. I thought I'd broken my leg. My CPC mates were in discovery fever mode and left me for dead! I was lying there bemoaning my fate (and probably whinging as well) when a group of Eldon cavers arrived on their way out. We'll organise a rescue but it will probably be tomorrow before they get here I was told or you can hop. I hopped very painfully back out - amazing what you can do in survival mode without a usable lower leg. Swimming through the Green Canal was a considerable relief but my memory of the sensation of the sweet smell of fresh air at the entrance was an even greater one. An x-ray the following day did not reveal a break but it took me years to get full strength back in my ankle.
Bust a rib on a rescue in Langstroth Pot (not my rescue I might add).
Probably re-bust the same rib getting back out of the Blow Hole GG some time later
Tore a calf muscle coming out of the Berger after Aldo's pitch, that was quite painful, dealt with by a kind of reverse hop but buggered my chance of bottoming the hole.
Took a header over my mountain bike handlebars and dislocated my shoulder on landing, fortunately it slithered back when I stood up but my arm hung like a wet rag, useless. Riding a bike one armed back to the car 15 miles away is not quite in the same league as hopping out of DYO but we had an ice cream as consolation on the way. 
Various scuffs and gadges as Chapell would say, the worst being skinned knees crawling out of Penyghent Pot with no knee pads or anything actually other than skin. They became infected and I could feel the gunk ooze down both legs later that week at work.
Knocked out trying to circumnavigate the centre pole of the GG refreshment tent swinging on a dog lead which parted company with the pole just as I reached horizontal and landed on my head, didn't do any good, still as daft.   
Idle Chat / Re: Hobbies Other Than Caving
« Last post by tamarmole on Yesterday at 11:40:17 pm »
I must admit I am having a lot of fun with cassettes, in fact I am enjoying it more than vinyl.  I am pirating obscure early 70s krautrock from youtube, which sounds pretty amazing on NOS chrome tapes.   

For the hifi nerds out there my main system currently (I like to chop and change) comprises:  Linn Basik turntable with Linn Basik plus arm and Nagaoka cartridge;  Marantz CD5005 CD player, Denon DRM 510 cassette deck, Pioneer CT 200 cassette deck  Rotel RA 930 BX integrated amp (recently replacing  a Rotel RC850 control and and Quad 303 power amp which now form the core of my second system); Kenwood graphic equaliser, and a pair of crappy Eltax floorstanding speakers which sound surprisingly nice although I might swap these out at some point for a pair of Castles that are currently in my second system.
Caving Chat / Re: Is it OK to go caving?
« Last post by RobinGriffiths on Yesterday at 10:16:30 pm »
, or God forbid at any point, Capita.

Serco is in.
Idle Chat / Re: Hobbies Other Than Caving
« Last post by pwhole on Yesterday at 09:53:41 pm »
It's a jungle in there!

I used to have an old Rotel cassette deck that was famous for its recordings sounding better than the originals. I distinctly remember my housemate buying 'Parade' by Prince the day it came out, and we recorded it immediately onto a Maxell metal cassette tape, first play, and then played it back alongside - it was better. Slightly more compressed, but amazing. I don't know how they did it. As he'd bought the album it didn't seem fair to keep the tape, so I gave that to him and re-recorded it on its second play and I kept that one, still with no crackles. I still have it and it still sounds amazing some 34 years later.
Idle Chat / Re: Hobbies Other Than Caving
« Last post by AR on Yesterday at 09:33:31 pm »
You'd probably like this blog site run by a former work colleague of mine, who has a lot of fun fixing up old hi-fi kit found at car boots and on Ebay -
Peak District / Re: The Derbyshire Caver 153
« Last post by Fishes on Yesterday at 08:43:26 pm »
If Mike Higgins wants to contact me I have more information about Orchard Sough
Caving Chat / Re: Is it OK to go caving?
« Last post by Fjell on Yesterday at 08:42:58 pm »
If you look at a map of the virus distribution in Europe you will see that the worst is in the West, it declines through Central Europe and is low in the East. All our neighbours are in the same ballpark as the UK, probably for similar reasons to do with intensity of travel/interactions and urban density.  We are about the most obese country in Europe, which doesn’t help probably. Many of our care homes are pokey and poorly funded. I am not overly impressed about the performance of Public Health England and NHS support systems, but it’s normal for here. My experience of other health systems in NW Europe is superior. This is never going to change.
We do now have one of the highest test capacities in the world, which didn’t exist 2 months ago. Frankly a minor miracle. However we are likely to suffer from IT solutions dreamt up by the public sector, or God forbid at any point, Capita. I don't hold out much hope for that anyway given half the munchkins in the country are already campaigning against any app, on the basis presumably someone will find out about their naughty habits or something. Who knows with Team Alcan.
Idle Chat / Re: Hobbies Other Than Caving
« Last post by tony from suffolk on Yesterday at 08:41:36 pm »
Tony, you are not the only one tinkering with hifi at the moment.  For no very good reason I have recommissioned an old cassette deck and am rediscovering the joy of recording stuff onto tape, something I certainly wouldn't have got round to if it hadn't been for furlough.
Good fun, isn't it? I've an old Denon 800 deck, which I like to fire up every now and again, and it never ceases to surprise how good it sounds.
Caving Chat / Re: Is it OK to go caving?
« Last post by PeteHall on Yesterday at 08:16:25 pm »
Wildly off topic, but what the hell, in the local dialect in my corner of Somerset it's quite common to hear "we'm" as in "we am" meaning of course "I am".

Back on topic, we'm not doing so much caving these days...
Great stuff, particularly liked the Swildons footage.
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