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Would anyone like to briefly explain the land of hope and glory graffiti and its significance/importance :unsure:

Land of Dope and glory is a bunch of graffiti from some 60s (?) gang that lived in there called the Trogs. Or hung out there I guess.
Would anyone like to briefly explain the land of hope and glory graffiti and its significance/importance :unsure:
Portland / New caver to area - looking to meet up
« Last post by John_Smith on Today at 12:50:25 pm »
I thought that I would post this here since Portland is my "local" caving patch now. Though local is still far - I'm in Southampton!

Moved down from Wales having explored various mines and caves where I also volunteered with NWCRO for over a year.

Any local people around that would fancy meeting up? I'm not adverse to hard work or uncomfortable conditions!

I did pop over to Portland 2 weeks ago and checked out Grove Cliff Caves and Persil Rift. I think the latter got its name from the cleaning product - it was rather mucky to say the least.

If anyone is interested or can point me out in the right direction, I would be grateful.

Well done Adam. Let’s hope you don’t have to repeat it.
Thats great. Can I nominate you for one of those cave conservation awards?
Peak District / Re: Peak District - Wezzit?
« Last post by Tripod on Today at 08:04:48 am »
Correct. Introducing the man who was to become my son-in-law to the delights of living in the Peak District.
Reminds me of the dangers of fixing wetsuits.... :lol:
That was a great effort, but xylene is incredibly nasty.  You were probably correct in thinking yoiu were not fit to drive!

Earlier this year some Masson CG members were in Cumberland and found yet more sprayed graffiti. Nothing new there, but some particularly mindless idiot had decided to spray their tag over the "Land of Dope and Story" slab - see the July picture. Generally, I've dealt with spray paint by wirebrushing but in this case, that wasn't going to be an option given the original smoked graffiti underneath.

Having read up on alternative methods, I decided to try solvent-based removal. Armed with various glues and solvents from my garage, I experimented on spots that weren't over the smoking. This proved that evo-stik contact adhesive shifted the majority of the spray paint (if you rolled it around like a giant bogey...), while xylene would dissolve much of the remainder. I then carefully tried a bit over the smoking, and was delighted to find that very little of the carbide soot came away - game on!

However, this inital session taught me another lesson, which was that  exposure to solvent fumes in a confined space isn't good for you - I probably wasn't in a fit state to drive home that night and I had a splitting headche the next day. I was advised to get a chemical filter mask, which I did.

Subsequent sessions were better for my health and more productive, with the result that after last Tuesday's session, there's not much left of the spray paint. I want to do one last mop-up with xylene but I'm really pleased with the result; I'm intending to do a more detailed paper for Cave & Karst Science about the methodology
Expeditions & Trips Abroad / Re: Dachstein Expedition 2019
« Last post by andrewmc on Yesterday at 08:38:01 pm »
 The weather has been a bit difficult and unpredictable over the last few days which has held off a serious attack on WUG. This was about the best of the weather on Wednesday:

The rest of the time it was raining.

The last two days have been much sunnier but with thunderstorm warnings, and as many of our caves flood badly this has restricted what can be done. Irritatingly the thunderstorms have failed to materialize... However, tomorrow's forecast is good and serious work in WUG will begin then.

The views from Camelot have, despite the warnings, often been pretty good in the evening...

One piece of gear of use to the expedition caver is a drill condom. Usually, this is a drybag with a hole in but some people have developed winners of neoprene and waterproofed fabric to keep their drills clean and dry in the worst conditions. But since necessity is the mother of invention:

Last but not least, a very nice view of the fault that presumably causes the dry valley up the side of the Wildkarkogel:

As I write this in the bar, the first pushing trip of the year from Thundergasm is probably on the way out, and I am eagerly awaiting what they have found...
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