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Forum Notices & Issues / Hacking
« Last post by cobz on Yesterday at 11:08:54 pm »
I read today that Ukclimbing had been hacked and some data taken.

Now I have highlighted this perhaps UKC can take defensive steps.

BCA / Re: Voting Code
« Last post by royfellows on Yesterday at 10:45:48 pm »
Hi Jopo, same here.
The Dales / Re: Inglesport Break In
« Last post by phizz4 on Yesterday at 09:06:05 pm »
Most people having a clear out aren't advertising a range of sizes available new, with tags, not associated with a particular retailer. Those are the ones to look for. If there was no demand for illegal drugs we wouldn't have a county lines crisis.
SCOUT CAVING / Re: Scout Caving Review from HQ
« Last post by badger on Yesterday at 08:46:37 pm »
phizz4 pm sent
Idle Chat / Re: Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.
« Last post by andys on Yesterday at 08:22:47 pm »
Did you know that Nelson was 5ft tall, but his statue on the column is 15ft tall?

That's Horatio of 3 to 1.
The Dales / Re: Inglesport Break In
« Last post by PeteHall on Yesterday at 08:14:22 pm »
The trouble with that argument phizz4 is that there are lots of people quite legitimately selling outdoor gear online. Particularly now, when people are home more than usual, so more likely to be clearing out unused stuff, as well as potentially needing to raise some extra cash.

Looking out for specific items would be a good way to catch the perpetrators, however suggesting that people buying from each other online causes break-in's is utter crap.
BCA / Voting Code
« Last post by Jopo on Yesterday at 08:05:29 pm »
Anyone else not received their BCA voting code?

Requested mine 3 times - and no it is not in my spam :(

SCOUT CAVING / Re: Scout Caving Review from HQ
« Last post by phizz4 on Yesterday at 07:25:51 pm »
I wasn't suggesting particularly that it be opened and discussed on a public forum, it could be done via an exchange of private emails. I don't do Facebook so that's me out.
The Dales / Re: Inglesport Break In
« Last post by phizz4 on Yesterday at 07:22:03 pm »
If people weren't prepared to buy this stolen clothing there wouldn't be a market for it and there would be no point in stealing it. These thieves only steal what they know they can sell on. i agree that a list of items stolen would enable us to scour online selling sites, which is where I'm sure most of it will end up.
Idle Chat / Re: BBC Radio 4 programme on "Long Covid syndrome"
« Last post by mrodoc on Yesterday at 06:53:42 pm »
Post viral fatigue affects all ages but I did have several patients who fitted that model. I was talking to a former colleague today who has had PVFS for several years and we both agree Long Covid was the same but now more obvious as a syndrome and not some psychosomatic problem which many professionals felt it was. The good news is that more research will be directed towards its causes and management.
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