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BCA / Re: Deafing silence on the BCA ballot
« Last post by alastairgott on Today at 07:20:32 am »
surveying Cwm Cynfal Copper Mine

Good to hear you're still on it with the surveying Dave.
Devon and Cornwall / Re: Boscastle Blowhole
« Last post by mrodoc on Yesterday at 10:48:42 pm »
The one under Asparagus Island at Kynance Cove (sees Farr's book) is a through cave with a blow hole feature.
I would never have considered spending that much on a pair of wellies, but having been given a pair of Purofort's, I can certainly vouch for them as world's above any other wellies I've caved in. I'll have to see how long they last before I decide if I'd buy another pair!

Interestingly, I find mine (size 10) to be a bit more snug than my usual wellies and might consider going up a size, rather than down...
BCA / Re: Deafing silence on the BCA ballot
« Last post by Dave Tyson on Yesterday at 08:15:25 pm »
I apologise. I had assumed most of the votes would be online and so the computer would tally them and there would only be a 100 or so paper votes - this is clearly not the case.

As newstuff points out I did 3.5 years as CCC secretary and 4 years as newsletter editor and still do the day-day administration of the CAL agreement. I have to write the end of year report for NRW in a week or so.

I was out on a wet and windy Tuesday this week taking photographs and surveying Cwm Cynfal Copper Mine so I could write an 8 page report to submit to the Snowdonia National Parks authority in opposition to a hydro scheme which would probably destroy some of it and make the adit inaccessible.

So I will pass on a BCA post for a little while yet, but would not rule out applying in late 2020  ;D

BCA / Re: Deafing silence on the BCA ballot
« Last post by NewStuff on Yesterday at 06:38:29 pm »
While I think Dave may have underestimated the amount of work, be aware he's already given up significant amounts of his time with the CCC and Cave Access, and no doubt other places and organisations I am unaware of.
BCA / Re: Deafing silence on the BCA ballot
« Last post by GarDouth on Yesterday at 06:18:12 pm »
Hmmm. Ballot closed at midnight yesterday. It's now 21 hours later. No sign of any white or black smoke on the BCA website so are the 6000 votes still being counted or is there a problem?


Perhaps Dave, if you'd like things to move swifter you'd like to take up one of the vacant volunteer roles in BCA and give up some of your time to help. You will find all you need to get involved here:
Devon and Cornwall / Re: Boscastle Blowhole
« Last post by Pitlamp on Yesterday at 05:48:13 pm »
Interesting to watch!

I guess that, unless the cross sectional area is perfectly circular (unlikely) there will be domes in the roof and restrictions along the walls (however minor). The restrictions will cause water to back up briefly, causing a rise in pressure of any trapped air - and as soon as the entrance "water trap" is open, any pressurised air will force loads of spray out, even if it's a through tunnel.

There is a sort of analogy in Kingsdale in the Dales, which may partly help. The through dive from the KMC to Keld Head is wide open all the way. Yet in spate the water ponds up in the KMC against the sump, up to 6 m or 7 m deep. It does this because the passage shape changes frequently along the course of the long sump, with some areas acting as restrictions.

Is there a local BSAC branch, with members who might be able to give you details of the underwater topography? If you do get to the bottom of this one, it'd be great if you'd post the information on here.

BCA / Re: Deafing silence on the BCA ballot
« Last post by BCA Secretary on Yesterday at 05:39:29 pm »
Dave, the ballot finished at 23:59pm on Friday.

Please remember most people in BCA are volunteers and don't work 24-7. I already give about 8-10 hours per week to the role but I do like to keep my weekends for the more fun side of caving... i.e. the underground bit  :)

The results will be announced in the next few days, just a few postal ballots to add on and a statement from our Returning Officer to put together.
Rest of The World / Re: Mallorca
« Last post by Greg Jones on Yesterday at 04:02:32 pm »
I'll second Penya Rotja. It's a great cave, and a great walk to get there too. Brilliant helectites.
For those who would prefer not to part with cash for the Mail on Sunday, it will be available without charge online. You frightful cheapskates.

It has nothing do with cash for me but rather the Mail's editorial policy. I won't be parting with my cash or supporting their advertising revenue while they continue to publish vile editorials by the likes of Richard Littlejohn.
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