Author Topic: 15th ICS -- Introducing the 16th ICS!‏  (Read 804 times)

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15th ICS -- Introducing the 16th ICS!‏
« on: July 22, 2010, 07:00:40 am »
Dear Friends,

For the past few years I’ve sent you messages about the 15th International Congress of Speleology (15th ICS). This is my last message. Many of you attended the 15th ICS and sent compliments and shared stories about the good times you had in Kerrville, Texas. Photos, proceedings, and other information about the 15th ICS are still posted at While the 15th ICS is over, your stories can grow, the friendships you started can continue, and your caving knowledge and opportunities can still expand.

With this closing message I introduce you to the 16th ICS, which will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, 21-28 July 2013! shows some of the fantastic trips being planned for the 16th ICS, as well as information on the excellent accommodations, beautiful Czech natural and cultural scenery, and more. Remember to save this website! Every ICS gives its mailing list to the next ICS, so if you do not soon get a message from 16th ICS Chairman Zdenek Motycka, contact him via the website to make sure you are included on his list.

I am working closely with the 16th ICS team. They are very capable, skilled, creative, and generous. I hope you will support them in their efforts as you supported me and the 15th ICS. With your participation and help, the 16th ICS can be the best ever!