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Seems a little daft advertising a meeting that is already gone.  But here are details of the 2011 Camp.
Having been to Padis a couple of times, I am sorry to have missed this trip.

Thank you that you spread this information among your national cavers community!



 “PADIS” – Apuseni Mt., ROMANIA


The 1st Balkan Cavers’ Camp took place in the village of Teshel in Bulgaria in 2007. The second one was held in 2008 in Kokinogia - Greece. The 3-rd  Camp was organised by Turkish Cavers Union in 2009 in  Olimpos area, Antalia County, Turkey. The honour to host the 4th Cavers` Camp had the Romanian Federation of Speleology. According to the registration data between 14 and 18 July 2010, the Padis area, located in Apuseni Natural Park, Bihor County, gathered at least registered 226 cavers from 9 European countries: Bulgaria (58), FYR Macedonia (2), Germany (4), Greece (5), Hungary (20), Poland (3), Romania (117), Slovenia (5), Turkey (11). The tents of the cavers in the area were located in such a big area, that for sure the number of the cavers there was much bigger than the official registration data! The majority were the cavers from member countries of the Balkan Speleological Union!     

The respect to the greatest Unions’ event manifested Emre Baturay Altinok – President of the newly founded Turkish Federation of Speleology; Peter Beron – President of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology; Viorel Lasku – Chairman of the Romanian Federation of Speleology.

The official opening of the Camp took place at the evening of 15th July. The event opened the president of Balkan Speleological Union - Mr. Viorel Lasku and Dr. Peter Beron - the veteran among the present cavers.

The next days the program of the Camp included penetrations in some of the most interesting and spectacular caves in Apuseni Mt. – like the Cave Humpleu (length 40 km), Pothole V5 - the deepest cave in Romania (556 m), the amazing Cave “Cetatile Ponorului” (7.5 km). The participants visited some other vertical and horizontal caves among which were the famous Scarisoara Ice Cave and maybe the most beautiful Romanian cave in the tourist class - Peshtera Urshilor.

During the camp took place the international cave rescue exercise as a part of its general program. The décor of this event was the «Cetatile Ponorului Cave». The event was under the coordination of SALVASPEO ROMANIA (Cave Rescue Romania) and organized by Salvamont Salvaspeo Bihor, Department of the Administrative County Council Bihor. The exercise gathered Speleo-rescuers from Romania (97), Bulgaria (19), Slovenia (1), Poland (4) and Hungary (14). The cave rescue exercise was directed by the Technical Counselors Ionut Latcu and Tudor Rus, with the operational partnership of ISU “Crisana” Bihor (the Department for Emergency Situations Bihor), SMURD Bihor (the Emergency Mobile Medical Rescue Service) and Administration of Natural Park Apuseni.

 The rescue scenario consisted of three victims, trapped into a cave by water flows: two of the victims - one dead and one with hypothermia were at about 2000 m from the entrance, area “La Venetiana”. The third one, physically exhausted, found at 350 m from the entrance, area “Sala Taberei”. The hypothermic victim was re-heated and evacuated from the cave on her own feet; stretchers evacuated the other two victims, the corps and the exhausted person. From the cave entrance, the victims on stretchers were taken over by the Salvamont teams and transported over vertical walls, with support of complex system of fixed and mobile ropes to the plateau, were the SMURD ambulance was waiting; the duration of the outdoor Salvamont evacuation was over one hour.

The rescuers used over one tone of equipment, including over 4,000m of ropes. The report of the event revealed the full success of the action and showed the capacity for team-work of the rescuers coming from different countries and the cooperation between different administrative bodies involved in action. Some impression from the event you can find at:   

In the evening hours there are no presentations as it was expected, but the camp fires  and the hut gives enough atmospheres for social contacts. The farewell party around the big fire pursued with traditional soup borsh, wine, cuika (raki), etc., took place on 17th July. It was the apogee of the Camp nights, full of emotions and fun for all participants!

Official events

        According the Camp program round table on cave protection was held   at 16th July. The chairman of Cave protection commission of BSU  , Vesselin Drobenov present the newly established commission. Later the Cave protection commission (ECPC) of the European Speleological federation was presented. In spite of  the  lack of many participants, the round table made the firs step to put at public discussion among Balkan cavers the subject of cave and karst protection and the recent trends for preservation, education and policy making.

The General Assembly Meeting (GAM) of the Balkan Speleological Union took place on 17th July with the participation of the national delegates of all Balkan countries, presented in the camp (Bulgaria, FYROMacedonia, Greece, Romania, Turkey). The first point of the agenda after the formalities, was the approval of the application of Speleological Association of Slovenia for membership in BSU. The application was accepted  with consensus and Slovenia became the 10-th  BSU member after Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROMacedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey.

The members of the Assembly listened and accepted the Report of Bureau about the last year and Financial Report of the Union for the same period. The Agenda continued with the discussions on different matters.


 The mandate of  Nikolaos Mitsakis as a vice president, Alexey Zhalov as a Secretary General and Oliver Gicevski as a Bureau member was over.  According to the Statute, the GAM has to elect new persons it these posts. At the same time Mr. Nikolaos Mitsakis resigned as a vice president of BSU. After discussions and voting, Mr. Stelios Zacharias from Greece was elected as a new Vice-President of BSU. Alexey Zhalov and Oliver Gicevski was re-elected on their posts.

The Macedonian colleagues confirmed their intention to be hosts of the 5th Balkan Camp and the Balkan Exploratory expedition in 2011.

The morning of 18 th July marked the final of the 4th Balkan Cavers Camp.

We are sure that the meeting managed to fulfil its main aim – to create conditions for mutual familiarizing of the participants and establishing of deep friendly contacts among the cavers from the Balkan countries. We got back to our countries full of impressions of the landscape and caves of Apuseni Mt. and of Romania and its culture, traditions and hospitable people!

The successful organization and carrying out of the Camp was a result of the efforts of the members of the Romanian Federation of Speleology. We are very thankful to all of them for their hospitality and friendship!

The whole event was publicized on national and local TV (TVR, Realitatea TV, TVS Oradea) and written press as well.

         Special thanks we owe to the co-organisers and sponsors of the camp, which contributed to the realising of the event!


Reported by Alexey Zhalov – Secretary General of BSU & Costache Roman - Vice President of Romanian Federation of Speleology


Contact addresses of BSU Bureau


Viorel Lasku   - President:
Stelios  Zacharias : Vice President :
Alexey Zhalov – Secretary General :
Asli Dönmez – member:
Oliver Gichevski – member:


Thank you that you spread this information among your national cavers community!






   (All countries members of the Union can use this logo)

Alexey Zhalov – Secretary General and Treasurer , 75, Vasil Levski Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

++ 359 2 9300 650, е- mail:;; http://www.balkan-


Annual Membership Fee  in BSU  is divided at  thee  categories:

Ø      National organizations under 100 cavers: 50 Euro;

Ø      National organizations between 100 and 500 cavers: 100 Euro;

Ø      National  organizations with over 500 cavers: 150 Euro.


The IBAN account number of BSU is : BG85STSA93000000101186

bank: DSK Bank PLC, Branch Otechestvo, Bank code 30021160 ;  BIC STSABGSF ,

73,Vasil Levski Blvd, 1000 Sofia

Account name: Alexey Konstantinov Zhalov, 1 Reka Osam Str, 1124 Sofia

Българска федерация по спелелогия * Bulgarian Federation of Speleology
бул."Васил Левски"№75,1000 София * 75,Vasil Levski Blvd.,1000 Sofia   

tel.+359 2 9300650

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Key words:

Padisch - the area

Peshtera - cave in both Russian and Rumanian

end of language lesson