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Giants rescue
« on: December 29, 2003, 11:15:11 am »
Yesterday there was a rescue from giants hole. On their way out, two Eldon members happened across a young lady lying at the bottom of Garlands pot. She was concious and when asked how long she'd been there - she replied 'about a minute', to which they retorted with 'well you should have hung on and we'd of caught you'. :lol:

It appeared as though she'd done the classic 'clutch and plummet' with her Stop. Doh

She was with a party of 4 others who were at the top of the pitch. A hauling system was quickly set up to get her out of the water and to the top of the pitch. It then became apparent that she wouldnt be able to make her own way out so DCRO was called.

They stretchered her out to the wainting abulance.

Well done lads.


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