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Project KATJA - team partners wanted
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:45:44 am »
Some 6 month ago project KATJA was started.
KATJA is free open source software system designed by cavers for cavers. Name is short for KATalog JAm (cave catalog).
KATJA includes
- cave catalog with basic data about each cave, documents, images, plans and cave descriptions.
- maps and cartography designed with cave surveying in mind
- knowledge library
- filed forms and tools

System works and can be used on any PC, (macOS, Linux, Windows) and smart phones. Includes tools to use system off-line in the field without data network.
Field tools for smart phones include maps for cavers. electronic field forms, ...

Did I mention that whole system is free and open sourced.
Old not updated version of system can be accessed at

but you will need guest username. If you are interested just send me pm, and you will receive free access account  in few hours or days. This is old closed system version, so no free public accounts are available. This version covers only Slovenia. But it can be implemented for any country in the world.

A small international team is developing KATJA further. And we are looking for any computer wise cavers around the world to help us and become team members. You do not have to be software programmer. There is a lot of work to be done in terms of testing, ideas, localization to practice in your country/club, translations etc...
If you think you can contribute or have some spare time to waste for benefit of  caving community, contact me.
Our intention is to collect existing technology and tools under one hood and to offer them to caving community as single free package anyone can use.

Just let me know.
Feel free to post questions...