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Caving Video Clips thread

Chris J

Active member
http://www.casj.co.uk/culiembro - then hosted on YouTube.

This was the film I showed at Hidden Earth incase anyone missed it. It is split into two parts for YouTube. Part one doesn't seem to want to play in HD but part 2 plays fine in HD - at least for me. Someone can tell me if they get the same problem?



New member
A little (unedited) footage shot last Easter in Saints de Glace / Trou Qui Souffle (Vercors), showing prussic'ing, getting off the top of the pitch, passing typical cave passage etc.
Meant as a teaching aid / for our introductory slideshow for new members, but we still haven't got around to editing it down into something more presentable.

Saints de Glace / Trou Qui Souffle Caving


Active member
Our Club (SC Avalon - Belgium) has a page dedicated on caving video clips made by members of our club.


You can find video clips about:
- exploration in Belgium  in several new caves
- Anialarra expedition (PSM)
- classical caving trips
- A few club related clips

Have fun

Dagobert L'Ecluse



tomphillips said:
A slightly humourous video of a recent trip down Low Douk Cave

What kind of camera did you guys use on the Low Douk Cave trip here, and all the other nice clips you have on the Thursday-night-club channel on youtube? it's not excellent but it does the job pretty well. I was just wondering if it's bulky, expensive or anything as such...?!!


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