A video thread on UK Caving?

Caver Keith

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This is great! What a super way to show why we do what we do! Thanks Keith
Thank you very much! This was made out of random bits of video that I shot at various places in the cave during the trip. It was all shot with a GoPro and just our caving lights. When I uploaded the clips to my computer the idea for the video popped into my head. It was one of the quickest films to edit that I've ever made. I'm pleased you liked it.


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I've just seen EFRESHW's video, and was somewhat dismayed to hear her say, ' . . . there's only mud, cold and wet to be had . . . '.

What happened to the underground rivers, the fabulous formations, the big pitches, the enormous caverns and everything else that makes caving what it is?


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Hi everyone, I thought I'd post my video on this Video and Photography Thread. I recently became an ambassador of Fenix and I wanted to create something for them that would represent how I personally feel about Caving. I hope that you resonate with it. This is the Youtube Link.
Absolutely brilliant! It says it all. Many thanks for posting it.

Caver Keith

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According to YouTube, 'a good thumbnail stands out and draws viewers' attention'.😵‍💫
I've been experimenting with thumbnails recently, trying to make them meet the above criteria.
Here's the latest.
So far the viewing figures suggest that I haven't got the hang of this thumbnail thing. :cautious: