Cryptic caves


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Is it "Route 66"? (he says with no particular conviction)
It is indeed - you should have more conviction!

On the subject of = RE
+ (inside out) = ROUTE

returning extra large = reverse XL = LX
Victoria the first = VI


Over to you....


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Oh sh*t - just noticed that I'd bu**ered it up. My apologies but I lost a D somewhere along the way. :(
(It should have been Fluted Hole.)
I'll get my coat and Ladymud can take up the mantle if she so wishes.....


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Something a bit different, maybe?

501100100 - a number?

I'll withhold the letter count for now in case it's too much of a giveaway.


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RM has it (y) - well done, I was wondering if it would be too cryptic...
(though maybe a recent trip was a clue :))

501=DI, 100=C, 100=C + A N(umber) if anyone else was wondering.


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Would it help if I promised that I only recalled the recent trip after cracking the clue? Not too cryptic at all.

Ok then, this one should be easy enough for those at the peak of their game, even though it is quite oblique (some clues there!):

"It's the little bird's handle. Not Yours!" (6, 5, 4)