Cryptic caves


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It's not Craig's cave is it?
No. (Letter count does not fit Craig's Cave).

The capitalization is strange, but you have the right punctuation mark.

Think about what Wednesday after next is. That gives you the ending.

This is a difficult clue because of the obscurity of the site and the bizarre way the name is presented.



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Is a further clue required?
Bear in mind I'm not a cryptic crossworder so the clue may not be set to using the usual rules, but I think it works.
Reply to also bring it back up the list.


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Compton Martin Ochre Mine? (haven't a clue about the crptic bit, but it fits 7,6,5,4)
Surely you can get to Compton easily enough... and Mine. I presume the bird in question is a House Martin. I thought it was a pretty good 1st attempt at a cryptic clue.