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Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.


Well-known member
Any type of campaign at the moment, even holding a blank piece of paper is likely to lead to an encounter with the Boys in Blue. And I don't mean Cannon and Ball.

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
Ten hour queue forms in Wigan as pie shop announces closure on Monday



Well-known member
I thought this was the best place to post this snippet.

"Russia has hit out at the “profoundly immoral and blasphemous” snub after Vladimir Putin was not invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral."

When I had finished laughing I thought about it, so maybe the biggest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler actually has a sense of humour, or could it be that realising that one way or another he isn't to remain long in his present job, and seeks a new career as a comedian.


Well-known member
So one assumes from his statement that he would have turned up, had he been invited? And forget all about our little 'misunderstanding'? That's really funny. And now Xi Zinping looks like he's shat himself (again), still 'injecting stability into a turbulent world', whilst his super-best friend goes rogue (again). Eee, who would have thought taking over the world could be so complicated. 'Home in time for tea', he said!

Mrs Trellis

Well-known member
After 12 long hours in the queue today, including no food or toilet breaks, finally, the moment arrived.......
The Aldi manager opened till number 2!