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Less able cavers


Bouncing Bom

Does anyone know of any groups or clubs (or for that matter individuals looking for caving partners), that do easyish and/or slow trips of short or medium length suitable for someone less physically (and sometimes mentally) capable who enjoys caving very much but gets tired easily and suffer a number of medical conditions. I would also be more than happy to join in on trips where I could go part the way and just rest up and catch up with with people on the way out. I know quite a few cavers but they are all much fitter than me so most of their trips are unsuitable for me, and I tend to be much slower than them on the easy ones.

I live in Manchester so particularly keen to meet (patient / slow / unfit / disabled) cavers from that area but would love to talk to anyone who has any good advice on how to get out about and underground while safely managing different health problems, or any one who knows of groups for disabled cavers (I can't believe Google has let me down I know there are groups for everything out there on the web somewhere...).

Thanks Bom


New member
I don't do caves, as I am not the sporting type. But I explore mines around here quite often.
9 times out of ten, it is just a case of stroll in stroll around stroll out.
Loads to see in a mine, and generally easier to get around in. Sometimes the getting in and out is the hardest part.


SOME mines due to the nature of being man made etc are easier to walk about in until you meet falls, crawls ladders, pitches, the entrance! ....etc

I have lead a couple of trips with less able people, one chap had one leg and a couple of crutches and he did very well over the falls. We always ensured the group kept to together to provide a helping hand. With less able people it simply becomes very much a team work event and everyone has to enter on that basis knowing they have to stick to the group and help.

To generalize a little cavers see caving as a sport and like to hack around fairly quickly. Before anyone shoots me down I would  say that's a fairly true statement for most of the pre bus pass holders really. Mines maybe a better idea being designed for people!

If you have a group of less able people interested - Form your own group and invite experienced people on trips with  the promise of free beer!  :beer: 

Bouncing Bom

Thanks everyone, lots of ideas and emailed so quickly. I would definitely give mines a go I think there are some quite locally I will look into it. I believe there are some near stockport.


Active member
BPC generally have harder trips on Saturdays and easier ones on Sundays. I've pottered along on Sunday trips many times with my 7 year old in tow and had no problems with people wanting to whizz off or getting impatient. In fact, I'm not very cave-fit myself at the moment (struggling to get back into caving after having my second daughter), so I'm perfectly happy to amble along. We're busy with our winch meet for the next month (which would be a great day out for you), but our next trip that would be suitable for you is Valley Entrance on 8th June. Feel free to send me a pm if you'd like to join us.