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Llanberis Copper Mine hangers


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Does anyone know whether there are hangers in place here? If not, are the bolts 10mm or 12mm?

Pete K

Well-known member
We did the top floor anchors in resin to prevent hangers being nicked. Everything below is stainless expansions with hangers on. Might be a few extra bolts these days. Almost everything you stand on is false floor, so if you think a traverse starts too far away from the drop, don't miss a bolt.
There is an accompanying written description for this survey I can dig out if desired.


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yes please - for the description
so the top 4 are resin?
the rest are 10mm or 12mm bolts?
Never trust any floor in a mine!

Pete K

Well-known member
I honestly cannot remember what size through bolts we used. I suspect 10mm long Raumer or the standard Petzl ones, but I cannot be 100% certain 7 years later. Everything we placed is stainless, so if you see rusty anchors they are the originals and worth avoiding! As far as I know, all hangers are in place. The mine gets fairly regular traffic from BSCC and the like, and they would have told me if the hangers had been pinched. Take a handful of 10/12mm hangers and nuts if you want to be sure, but I doubt you'll have any problems.
All 4 anchors on the entrance level are resin fixed Petzl Collinox. The rest below that level are expansions.


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Having been in a fair bit recently all the expansion bolts are fine and some of the spits with the hangers still in didn’t look awful.

Hangers are in place for all bolts on Pete’s topo and for Baggy’s (360 Outdoors’) alternative route.

Anyway saw some cavers outside Ben’s bunkhouse this morning so hope you have a good trip and if you see a tough tagged Okay and or a OFD buff I’d love to have them back!