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Priorsdale Cave, Nr Alston


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I am planning a couple of trips to Alston over the summer and fancy going back to Priorsdale (having only been in the entrance passage previously) Has anyone been in recently? Is the squeeze tight tight or just uncomfortable? I have got hold of a survey and fancy having a look at the Priorsdale Great Shakehole which is close to the end of the known surveyed passage. Has anyone else looked at this?



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Lo there,
I live just down the road but spend my time in the mines, tread carefully as regards the landowners/ gamekeepers in the area at the mo. somebody yhas been leaving shafts open in the area and they are a little sensetive about it :roll:
HAve fun but tread softly....... :LOL:

tubby two

Me and the newcastle lumper went 'down' priorsdale a few nights ago, i say 'down' as we didnt go too far. Went in the entrance over blocks and into low square chamber (about 4x4m) with an obviour rift going up above to the left- which was blocked by boulders which were impossibly too tight to get through, but looking up you could see quite a gap. ONly other alternative was a very tight squeeze going on parallell to the rift, its the tightest thiong i think i've ever been in (and wasnt sure as i was gonna come back out for a while), to a dead end but with a very tight squeeze going up left into the rift (maybe passable but would be hideously desperate and no way of getting back out if stuck.
So, does this make sense to anyone? i reckon something has shifted so the boulders now block the way on (up into rift on left), has anyone been there? where should we be going?