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Shower boxes & day fees.


New member
Re: The note in the latest e News: Of shower Boxes and day fees????
Please, please, please?..if you are a day visitor to the HQ please pay your day fee to the Duty Officer
Or a responsible member with access to the cash tin. If you sign in on the hut sheet the cash has to be
accounted for when that sheet is reconciled and sent to bank. If for some reason you put your ?1 in the
shower fee box then whoever is reconciling the hut sheets has to chase around after you and get your
pound back out of the shower box. This is just a pain. Please don?t do it. The shower box is only there
For non-member cavers who go directly from their car to the changing room to the cave to the
changing room to the car. If this description of movement does not fit you like say for example you are
coming into the kitchen to make a cup of tea then please say hello, have a nice chat and hand your
pound over to the DO.

It would be helpful for new & Provisional Members like myself if the name (and ideally a photo) of the Duty Officer (if there is one on duty) was displayed at the club so that he or she could be identified. Then I would know who to pay. Until I know who the DO is I will follow the obvious course and put the money in the box. I don't understand the logic of tying each ?1 payment to a member. It seems unwieldy and unnecessary.  :confused:


I'm with you on that one. I didn't really think there was a problem here. If I visit for a day and put money in the shower box, I write "shower box" alongside my name in the signing in book so the DO doesn't need to chase me or add it to the other takings.


Well-known member
Not a member myself, but all of the members were really helpful when I was there a month ago. sorted out a person who knew their way around so that we could visit a special part of the cave.

If you speak to any of the members who are about they'll help you out.

On the subject of tying each ?1 to each member, by doing this your treasurer will be able to tie this cash down to "mutual trading" and therefore the club will make less trading profit (but receive more money from members). http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/bimmanual/bim24215.htm

If you have about 20 members paying day fees over every weekend of the year, this comes to about ?1000 over the year.
Which is enough for the taxman not to have his hands on 20% of...

Long Drop

Active member
There's a big whiteboard directly opposite the signing in book. It wouldn't take much for any DO to write "Your DO today is Their Name" on it. Equally it wouldn't take much to put anther t"shower box" in that area to collect "Members Day Fees".  I don't want to be chasing round after rambling DOs just to give them ?1 and I'm sure any DO will not want to be dragged away from their coffee / sunbathing / conversation just to receive my ?1.


OK, here goes, let's try and clarify this. Please read the e-news again because the following is all in there but is perhaps not clear to newcomers...

SWCC rules ask that members sign in to record their attendance at the HQ, even if only visiting for a short time. This record of attendance can be particularly useful if there is, for example, a midweek break-in. Knowing that Member X was at the HQ on a Tuesday evening and a break-in was discovered at 4pm Wednesday helps to narrow down the time slot that something happened. While it makes less difference on a weekend the same rule still applies. So, if you turn up for a day visit to go caving on a Saturday and sign in but put the ?1 in the shower box, when the Duty Officer (DO) comes to cash up the amount in the DO Box is ?1 short but he/she won't know that you actually paid it.

The shower boxes are for visiting cavers not SWCC members. As regards tracking down a DO on a day visit, there are plenty of SWCC members with keys to the DO cupboard who will take your money BUT you can pay any member and ask them to sign for it (legibly) on the sheet so that the DO knows who has collected your ?1.


I don't think think the clarity of what is being suggested is in doubt. It just seems an unwieldy way to operate - especially if a DO is not present or obvious.