Some Photos From Hidden Earth 2017

The Old Ruminator

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Well I very nearly wimped out but SWMBO shoved me out of the door at 8 am. Arriving at the venue I found LOADS of parking spaces and even good old MrO'Doc had saved me a place. Things started badly when the lady at reception said " I have heard of you ". Well never mind and off to mingle. I think my pink ensemble went down well as nobody said I looked silly. I saw several lectures and learned a lot ( particularly about Co2 and Radon ). That lovely Jane person from UK Caving gave me a nice hug and posed for a photo. Ooo and a lovely mug from them too which I shall treasure for ever.

The lovely Jane and I.

All cavers great and small. A super video to open things from the Dudley crew.


The Old Ruminator

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Connor Roe's super cave diving presentation.

Some monochrome entries.

Some in colour.

In the trade hall.

Peter Glanvill's imaginative art work " St Cuthbert's Swallet "

Yes. I am really glad that I went.


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Great photos, very enjoyable weekend. Super catching up with friends old and new. Never enough time though!

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I went against the grain and actually went caving, taking John down his first Mendip cave, I made sure it was the none muddy variety which is a rare thing...


If only John kept his head still

Unfortunately being taken Saturday evening, I was too late to enter the photo comp.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of HE itself!