Surrey Caves


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Does anyone know how I gain access / info for caves in surrey? Sadly I had to leave the Dales last night and after a whole 12 hours in London I am experiencing underground withdrawals.

Roger W

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Surrey is not well known as a caver's paradise. I believe there are some "caves" in the sandstone in the Reigate area. Google could be your bestie here...


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There's the hearthstone mines down that way, not sure what access is like these days though.


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Yes the WCMS control the access, many sites are bat roosts so have a closed season.


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Not sure you're going to get that much caving in Surrey, but if you expand you sights to include mines, tunnels, bunker complexes and so forth you can get underground. I went in an old mine nearish to Tunbridge Wells the other week, which I found a nice little mini explore (Wellies, helmet, light, needed but no SRT :( ) Happy to PM details if you want to consider it. (Edit: yes I know that's East Sussex, not Surrey, but maybe nearby)
Depends where you are in Surrey, I live on the border with Hampshire and the Bath stone mines (Swan mine, Brownes Folly mine etc) are only an hour away.