Tony Oldham RIP

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A regret to announce that Tony passed away after a short illness.  A life long caver Tony first started caving with the Scouts in the late 1950s.  His most famous discovery was with John Dolman in the Sura Mare Cave in Rumania:

The author of 17 caving books he also published a couple of caving journals:  The Mendip Caver and  edited the later editions of The British Caver.

A full obituary is being prepared



We may have had our differences over the years on this forum, but nonetheless, very sorry to hear that. 

RIP Tony.



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I am very sorry to hear that - Tony contributed much to British caving over the years.

He was also the main contributor to this section of the forum...


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RIP Tony.

The last time I bought books from Tony, I called around to his home in the Rhondda and, unbidden, he kindly gave me digital copies of the text, illustrations, surveys, photos etc. of nearly all his Caves of South Wales series of guidebooks. I know there were some inaccuracies and issues with copyright but I'm sure this series of books provided information and inspiration to more than one generation of South Wales diggers and helped in making a number of discoveries. Years ago, the Clydach book was certainly the first place I came across mention of a tiny little hole called Ogof Draenen!


I had dealings with Tony over a long period of time when some article I had written would mysteriously appear in Caves of Gower! He always used to send me updated copies of the books he?d used my stuff in. Sad to see him go. RIP Tony.


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Oh no! I used to enjoy PM exchanges with Tony when he was in the shit for trolling people on here! Always made me laugh!



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Oh dear - what sad news. I knew his name from being a child when I first went caving.
I had many interesting discussions with Tony over the years since then. As a caver, I believe his heart was very much in the right place.


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This is terrible news!
Whatever some people may have thought of him, he was a character, and were would we be without characters.
I am greatly saddened.


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I recall, as a teenager, journeying to his house in Eastville to buy my first NiFe cell - 17 shillings and sixpence I think it was including a home-made charger (which actually worked!)

RIP indeed Tony.....

Clive North


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like roy said another character gone.( and there getting harder to find)
would'nt mind the hard drive on his computer though ;) ;)
rest in peace tony


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Sad news. Never met Tony but have corresponded on and off for 30 years. I loved Caves of North Wales in its various guises, and yes he had a liberal interpretation of copyright, but send him any query and you'd be deluged with information in reply. Last time I contacted him to buy a copy of Silica Mines, and he sent me a digital copy of all the books. A character, yes, scoundrel, no, a tease, yes. RIP Tony.


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Very sad news - he gave me some digital copies of his back catalogue when caving in North Wales (you can see a common theme in the posters so far) in the name of research and caving. Top man, a real loss to the caving community.

Rest in peace,
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