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Welsh Wezzit


Ah yeah, no handline.
Not sure I have anything not used previously or not seen before so hopefully someone else will be able to narrow it down.


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The photo was taken in Virgin Passage in Dan yr Ogof.

Mudman wins but it's open to anyone to jump in and put the next photo up.


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Stuart France

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Yes that's right.  The mine is called Abercwmeiddaw (at SH746092 roughly) and worth a visit if in the area as are the many other mines in the locality.

Over to you...


Ahh :) I visited one Friday so didn't spend long there. Explored the mine level in the base of quarry, but nothing more locally. We headed somewhere which (again) the name escapes me.

If this uploads right. I'm going with this one... It may be really obvious to some, but see how long it lasts!


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Ian Adams

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My best guess would be Ogof Hesp Alyn but I don't recognise the shot.

The pros are : It looks like that, it's not a million miles for you to get there, you may be sat on banks of silt (correct for OHA), you might be sat on rock of that colour (Also correct for OHA), you are not wearing SRT (correct, to a point, for OHA)

The cons are : You aren't  covered in nearly enough shite

But the "Pros" have the balance of probability .....

Am I warm?



I don't do Photoshop (tried, failed), but as Mike says it will be flash and shadows etc. 
Ian has it though, OHA just before you get to the canal climb (so before the mud and sh*t). The big boulder that doesn't look slippy until you stand on it and almost fall off it.

Turns out I don't have that many photos of North Wales caves!!

Over to you Ian :)


Ian Adams

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The underground wonderland is directly under my feet - the question is; What is the name of the "Underground Wonderland" ?



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