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Welsh Wezzit


Go to the end of Hangar passage, up over the ramp, through the choke and into the passages beyond to the right...

From my log August 2008.....
...I went back up the climb to the Green Canal and, on the left, almost at the end of the canal, a well-worn opening beckoned. I climbed through into … Hangar passage. Huge as the name might suggest, this goes on for 80m or so until a choke is reached. Looked either side at floor level but nothing obvious. Climbed up to the top – lurky – and came down the other side. Here there were two worn entrances to the choke. Fumpa had inserted himself in the lower one a few minutes ago so I followed. Heather had other thoughts and waited. The way on was down for a couple of feet then squeeze under a roof. This gave way to further horizontal contortions – some tight others less so. The choke continued for a way and I eventually caught Fumpa up as the roof eased into a cross-chamber with a definite wall opposite. Heading left seemed to close down again but right was walking size passage heading for a few minutes to a lowering. Here someone has made a sculpture in the sandy floor – a ‘body’ lies prostrate with arms and legs splayed. The head sports a rock and cracks…

Have a good look next time you're there!