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Ian P

Active member
Sounds like a nice variation. Do you go to the very end of the “bottomless traverse” before descending? It’s on our meets list in a couple of weeks. I may try that.

Will dig out a photo tomorrow.
No, you take the first Y hang as soon as you enter the traverse, which is nice.
The “crux” for the rigger is gauging how far to descend before starting the “exciting” swing (best guess at least 10-15m) Having a cowstail ready to clip the anchor is useful.
The route has a lot going for it, breaking up a big pitch for a better exit when people are waiting in a really draughty spot, and avoiding the water.
Have a great trip.


Active member
Cheers Ian. OK then, try this one for size...


Active member
That's the place. I think I may make these things too easy. The gloves are off next time... and you'll have no-one to blame but yourself!

Back to you...