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What caving related thing did you do today?


Well-known member
In the shower after a bit of digging, thought it fun to find out what you did today. May be like Twitter, 140-ish letters per post, not counting but short, not full reports


New member
Made a start putting some patches on my somewhat battered Meander suit, to spare others the sight of my arse hanging out of it..
Checked out UKcaving for the latest stories, where the wezit is and hopefully some photo's of the round trips in Swildon's.  I will leave the hilatity of Idle Chat for later    ;)

(Still not caving fit)  :cry:

Pete K

Well-known member
Jet washed Oxlow grit off a load of ropes, krabs and suits. Charged my Duo after having it shining out the window all night to illuminate my BBQ party.

Roger W

Well-known member
Watched a guy get bitten by a ferocious cave cricket somewhere underground in Venezuela on BBC2's "The Dark" programme.


Well-known member
Found out that after 8 posts i'm the first to have gone caving today...  :confused:


Well-known member
Me too - I did over 200m of prussicking to try and get back into some sort of rhythm after nine weeks of horizontal steel work...it hurt, but was pleasingly quick.

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Some of us have other hobbies you know  :sneaky:

Went to a bottle show .



Well-known member
Wow, some great replies, s'not a contest, just if you did happen to do something caver-like today, e.g. wear rubber/PVC/harness, you can post it here


Active member
When I get in from work I'm gonna wash my dedicated caving underwear thats been fermenting in the back of my car since Saturday :yucky: