WIN 200m rope for your favourite CHECC Club in the UKC 'Thank You Competition'!


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Aber gladly returning a 1997 matured helmet to Reading, after its tenure in the ACC kit hut since 2011. Fulfills both a peace offering for good interclub relations into the future, and clears out the space it was obtusely occupying for something (hopefully) actually useful (we don't need another bloody dingy or box of fishing lures)


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Thank you to those CHECC attendees who went to the time and trouble to support this competition, much appreciated (y)(y)

Congratulations to Jollypud - you win the 200 (210!)m of SpanSet Superblue with its Gotcha carry bag for your club!

The winning photo shows happiness, beer, friendship and caving gear - all at CHECC.

(The garlic ran a close second as it made me smile :))


Please PM me to arrange getting the rope to you, cheers, Pegasus


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Jollypudd or anyone from Aber, please get in touch. I have replied to your PM with my phone number, please give me a call so we can get your rope to you, thanks (y)

Sorted :)
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