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Win a ?50 Inglesport voucher!!


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Tabloid headline: Caver's flouting the stay at home policy by bring their home with them.


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After a busy day in the confessional Jess begun preparing suitable penance for members of Dudley Caving Club.

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With hindsight, dressing up as half a butternut squash to raise cash for the next Austria expedition was never going to be a winner.....


The benefits of living in a port-a-loo began to loose it?s charm with the on going supply shortages. Alternatives were found, but the decision to use 10 over 8mm was the obvious choice. The next difficulties were to explain yourself making that ?essential? journey just to wash some rope.

Duck ditch

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At last the long awaited Petzl changing facilities.  Spare the blushes of the villagers of Priddy and Clapham with this fully waterproof changing pod, the Petzl Shroud. 
Test Report: wears away badly at the seams after several uses.


It looks like someone has made a slight mistake when ordering the Hidden Earth beer marquee...

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"Really!" said Sue from within the toilet tent.  "What on earth makes you think I suffer from tapeworms?"


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Easter's over, eggs are eaten, now time to come up with that winning caption  ;)


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Unfortunately, despite the description on eBay, when they received it 'top quality tent 5 person, outdoor mountaineering camping' wasn't quite as good as it had appeared.

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The club's secret dig was coming along splendidly. 

They'd not been able to get a vaulting horse that would fit in the back of the van, but Inglesport had come up with a couple of alternatives...