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Although 'he could eat all the cake in the world' it became apparent his birthday wish may have been a bad idea


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Told you I'd look a mess without my GREEN gloves!

Could you hold the straw on my Capri-Sun please?

Bit late but I've just thought of a great New Years Resolution.


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Chunky- "Now you tell me this isn't part of the round trip!"

Kayleigh- "You'll be fine chunky, it's much easier on the way out"


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"I said, f$%}  y&^,  y&^  A@s?H&l%, when I get out I'll  f$%}*?- remove your spleen via your A@s?H&l%."

Some people just don't appreciate the length cave photographers reach to put their victims I mean models through for their art and the best photo....  :mad: ;) ;)


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Bump - last orders at the bar - caption competition closes tomorrow night.  (Hey, hope this doesn't win by mistake  ;))


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"Oh no" thought Chunky, as he wriggled faster "last orders at the bar - caption competition closes tomorrow night"

(Cheers Tim!!)