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Alan G Fincham
« on: May 18, 2017, 06:02:23 pm »
I am saddened to report that Alan G. Fincham died May 16th on his island home of Cyprus.
Alan was a well-known Mendip (Wessex CC) caver in the late 1950's, then became a well-known Yorkshire caver via the University of Leeds before taking a position at the University of The West Indies in the late 1960's. He became the leading member of the Jamaica Caving Club, publishing the ground-breaking "Jamaica Underground " in 1977 - the first really comprehensive guide to a tropical caving region, anywhere.  He provided inspiration, guidance and hospitality to several generations of Jamaican cavers, long after he left the island.

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Re: Alan G Fincham
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Very sad news.  I caved with Alan on Mendip.  He was an impoverish student and could live on one hard boiled egg a day.