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We're delighted to announce the launch of a new website

Years ago, if interested in caving it was down the library to read 'The Spur Book of Caving', nowadays it's reach for the smart phone.

We therefore wanted to provide a modern, professionally designed website to inspire and encourage new people to take up our sport.

With the help of Dan at (who by coincidence happens to have a mine shaft in his back garden that cavers have recently made safe!) and after several months of hard work and invaluable support from many cavers we are finally ready to 'go live'  ;D

Thank you to all the photographers who allowed us to use their fabulous shots, to the video team, especially Mark Sims for all his technical help, to Adele for the use of her story and Southampton Uni for their excellent poster....and also to all those who responded to my various requests for help - even if we didn't use your photo, you gave us more choice and that in itself was so useful, thank you  :thumbsup:

If you know of a group or organisation who would be interested linking to 'New to Caving', please PM me or simply send them the link, thank you.

Please help us spread the word about caving to a new generation of cavers, share on social media or if you run a caving club (or other) website consider linking to 'New to Caving' - thank you for your support.

We hope you like it, cheers, Pegasus & Badlad

Brilliant! Really good website and a great advert for the sport. Love the video as well!  :clap2:

Good looking site well thought out & presented all the best with it

Great web site folks :thumbsup:

Dave Tyson:
I like the layout and the video is excellent - a good choice of location as that's where a lot of newbies start. Lots of well presented information, it hopefully will encourage more to venture underground. It might be worthwhile if caving club websites (and the BCA) link to it to push up its page rank in Google.

My only (slight) criticism is there seems to be no mention of mine-exploring  :down:



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