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Commemoration Meeting - Trevor Ford OBE (1925 – 2017)


Apologies for the short notice, but here is some info on the YORKSHIRE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY meeting next weekend, billed as a "Joint Societies Commemoration Meeting - Trevor Ford OBE (1925 – 2017)"

A two–day event 02–03 June 2018 to celebrate the life and work of Trevor Ford, whose wide-ranging interests in geology, caving and the mining history of the Peak District covered some of the more momentous earth-sciences topics of the last half-century; this event is supported by a number of the societies in the North and Midlands of England with which Trevor was closely associated

* Saturday 02 June: The Dome, Buxton (University of Derby Campus). 09.30 – 17.00 hrs. Attendance free-of-charge

* Sunday 03 June: A choice of three field excursions in the Peak District (see below). Attendance free-of-charge
For a printed timetable, that lists the Saturday talks and the programme for the Sunday, please visit the BCRA News Forum,  (But please note that this is not a BCRA event - its being run by the YGS)

We just got back from the first day of lectures, and it was fantastic - presentations on a huge variety of topics covering TDF's life, career and heavy influencing from some very knowledgeable and friendly people - the whole event had a nice warm feeling about it, and well worth the entry fee. Which was free!

Shoulda been there...:smartass:

Indeed - just a shame Noel Worley had to cut some bits out of his talk on blue john, and that Jim Rieuwerts wasn't well enough to attend.


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