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Cave Access Research Project - Questionnaire - PLEASE HELP

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Cave Access Research:
Are you interested in the ongoing debate on Cave Access Restrictions? Please have your say on the Questionnaire at this link:

This questionnaire is anonymous and will be used in part completion of my major project and dissertation for a MSc course on Environmental Management which I am currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University. The title of the project is:

An investigation into the reasons for, and perceptions of, access restrictions to caves and recreational mines within mainland Britain

The questionnaire will be accepting responses until the 6th August

Thank you for your time

If you have any further information you would like to contribute to the project I would love to hear from you at 


Cave Access Research:
Hi All

Thanks for the responses so far. Much appreciated. Keep them coming

I would also like to add that if anyone would like to share this to their club pages or other caving media outlets then they are more than welcome. Would be good to get as wide a response as possible.


Filled in.

On the whole very comprehensive, my only slight gripe is that you pick an answer which invalidates other questions could mean you select something that is contradiction. For example if you select you never pirate something it still asks you how much you pirate.

I've not completed it yet, sorry Mr or Mrs cave access research....

I guess you could have taken the decision to never pirate something again  :halo: having once or twice pirated something in the past.

Or you could have been good as gold in the past  :halo:, but plan on visiting an underground space with no formal access agreement.


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