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Anybody used one of these underground? I saw it in a TV ad. Probably unique as an ad I learnt something new from!

Length of battery life seems to be main complaint, & you'd obviously need to be careful what you pointed it at...

I saw one a while back and thought they could be useful. Even just for cleaning kit while camping and such.

On a recent conservation effort in Crackpot, the backpack pesterside type sprayers were used with a fair amount of success. The don't have all that much pressure but more than a hand held bottle etc.

Some mud splatter in Crackpot was quite well stuck on so maybe having something like the Hydroshot would be good just to loosen the worst bits. I wonder how long the input pipe can be, I suspect not long.

I use one for cleaning the mountain bike because it is no where near as powerful as a proper pressure washer .   I think it Would work well on stal.


I may well get one and give it a trial on somewhere near the surface. The water reservoir issue I see being resolved by taking in some cans and placing them under drips well prior to any cleaning trip. it is a lot more compact than a back pack pressure washer as it can be broken down into its constituent parts for carriage into the cave.


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