Author Topic: WARNING - Eldon Hole fixed ropes on 'up' pitches  (Read 458 times)

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WARNING - Eldon Hole fixed ropes on 'up' pitches
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:34:59 pm »
It has been reported to DCA that the fixed ropes on the up pitches in Eldon Hole are in a poor state with a number of damaged sections.
A group that was in there today have managed to isolate the damage and re-rigged the pitch as best they could with the original rope to remove the immediate danger, but a new rope will be needed here as soon as possible.
The DCA does not install and maintain any fixed ropes, so we would not be in a position to offer any rope for this. If anyone knows the length of rope that would be required to replace the in-situ one, then that would be good information to have though.

We are contacting the team of DCA anchor installers to see if we can review the anchor placements in this area and potentially install further resin anchors to remove the rub points if possible.

Visits to this area of Eldon Hole should be undertaken with extreme caution in the short term and with great care for the formations in this area at all times.

Pete K
DCA Projects Officer
Derbyshire Caving Association

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Re: WARNING - Eldon Hole fixed ropes on 'up' pitches
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2019, 08:39:52 pm »
Quick update on this now I have been pointed at a thread from Jan 2018 and a post by Mark Wright:

"After a long break Mark Richardson and me were down Eldon Hole tonight.
No digging but we did finally get Damocles re-rigged. We installed a couple of protected webbing slings and a couple of months ago we installed 5 x Petzl Collinox anchors and new connectors on all of the up pitches and tonight we carried out the 15 second, 6kN axial pull tests (they all passed) and installed a 60m single newish 11mm rope all the way from the very top to the anchor at the top of the pull-through pitch from the main chamber.
3 x Petzl Collinox anchors were also installed and tested at the base of the pull-through pitch as the previous anchors were now underneath our digging spoil.   
Another Petzl Collinox was installed and tested on the very last re-belay on the West entrance route, instead of the wobbly hanger that we have been using since we started the project.
We opted for Collinox anchors and the glass resin tubes as an alternative to the BCA anchors which would ruin the placements if they ever had to be removed. Technically, as DCA/BCA don't cover fixed ropes, these anchors fall outside of the BCA anchor scheme.
All the old rope was removed from the cave.
You will still need to take a rope for the pull-through pitch out of the main chamber. 

So not DCA anchors. Have forwarded this to the DCA Equipment team to discuss.
Pete K, DCA Projects Officer.