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Real Wezzit Kingdom of Lost Souls


Does anyone know where this is. Its called the Kingdom of Lost Souls and is a photo taken by J.G. Clarke. I have seached for it and dawn a blank.



Presumably J.G.Clarke of North Midlands Group of BSA, that later became part of TSG? So possibly Peak Cavern...

yes  it is that J G Clarke. But I cant find a mention of the sites anyway.

Those helectites remind me of parts of Carlswark "new" series I remember from back in the '60's.

I've seen a few helectites in the entrance area of Peak Cavern (Krypton Series), but they're not as extensive as those pictured - I don't think I've ever seen any as complex as that in Peak. If it's pre-1949 then it would only be in the sections up to Mucky Ducks, and I can't think of anywhere - unless it's up one of the other avens in the Vestibule that I've not been up.


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