Error - data not transferring (DistoX / Topodroid)

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Hi Folks

Happy New Year  :beer2:

We're hoping someone can help. Drawn a blank and are now at the stage of contacting the guy who wrote the software :-(

We had a total failure of a day trying to survey and keep getting this purple error:

topodroid read 0 data (0 packets)

Data exists on the Disto (both calibration and legs) but even though the bluetooth is talking (and we can put it in calibration mode) the data isn't being seen/recognised. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Basically, data is not transferring.
If anyone can help please post here as it may help others.

We've spent 4 hours so far trying to find a solution so I'm guessing it isn't obvious.  :shrug:

New phone, older Disto X310 - never used together before.

First thought is to try Sexytopo instead of Topodroid - that way you can work out if its the software or hardware thats causing the issue. Next thing I'd try is a different phone.

There is an issue with the Bluetooth chip becoming unstable on older boards (I'm guessing yours is from about 2015??), but hopefully this is not the cause of this problem as it would be unfixable :(.

Thanks Ben

yeh, we're looking closer at the phone (I think it's circa 2015) but the first thing we're doing is updating the software (never a bad thing) to see if that helps but I'll definitely try the other programme if that doesn't fix it.

Another thing to try is updating the firmware on the distox. You'll need a Windows machine and PocketTopo to do it, but its pretty straight forward. Instructions here:

Ok, so we have done the following and still no difference:

Updated phone to latest software.
Tried Sexytopo and no data would transfer to that either.
We can send and receive files from our macs to and from the phone so BT seems to be working.

It's looking more likely that it is Disto related.
We'll try and find a windows machine to do an update - everything in our house is mac ios  :unsure:


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