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Complete Set of Brand new Gear


Gave up caving about 25 years ago when all my gear was pinched. Last year I thought it's about time for another go now I'm back in the Peak District so I bought a new set. However, various health probs (a randomly locking left hand being the most significant) has made me have second thoughts(I want a few more years enjoying my vintage motorbikes!What I have is;
PetzelVertex helmet with Fenix lamp
Wambac inner and outer suits
Petzel SRT hardware and harnesses
size8 wellies and wet socks
I'm 5'9ish and xl size
This is all brand new and has never been used. Looking for half price which is about 325.00. Would prefer to sell as a job lot.

Bob Cheshire( formerly Jude of the EPC) 07955 567 628


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