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Hi all

This weekend we passed ownership of the Newtocaving website over to the British Caving Association.  This is a process we started several months ago when the BCA seemed to be the right home for such a web site.  We developed the professionally designed site three years ago as there was a real need to replace the BCA's own Trycaving site which had become defunct.  We wish the BCA well and look forward to seeing the site flourish.

The site cost us a lot of money and we are extremely grateful to all those who supported the site and helped us recover some of our outlay.  We thank the four companies who sponsored the site with advertising, CAN Ltd, Inglesport, Starless River and Warmbac all do a great job for caving in their own ways.  We thank the many professional caving instructors who were happy to pay a small fee to be listed and this helped tremendously.  We thank all the clubs, organisations and others for promoting the site and hope you all found it a beneficial resource for caving.  Last but by no means least, we are very grateful to all those who helped supply content for the site, making the film, offering photos, corrections and ideas for ongoing improvements.  Thank you all.

Tim & Jane Allen

And thank you for helping this amazing hobby / questionable-specialist-interest thrive.

New To Caving is, and has been since launch, an extraordinary resource for caving in the UK, and a great place for clubs to direct people to who have no experience and are looking to learn more (especially for clubs who themselves do not take on newbies for whatever reason). The site is fresh and modern, easy to follow and is altogether excellent. My thanks to Tim and Jane for taking this project on and making it happen on behalf of all of us. I think it is clearly appropriate that such a resource should be an offering of our National Body moving forward, I hope the BCA will keep it maintained and up-to-date and do not allow it to become defunct in the way that their old TryCaving website did.

Ian Ball:
I honestly did not know it was not funded by the BCA!  Cheers J&TA  :thumbsup:


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