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Great moments in caving

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Duck ditch:
During the lockdown I have been reminiscing about caving trips etc.  Apart from discovery which can get into a completely different league, I have been considering the best moment I have had in British caving.  It’s hard to nail it down to one moment but mine is:

Otter Hole.  I was well aware that the hall of 30 was going to be good.  It wasn’t an anti climax at all and the tide blocking us in added to it.  But the magic moment for me was the gour passage beyond rising up to a crystal pool.  It just got better and better.  I didn’t know about this passage so it was all a surprise.

A close 2nd was the traverse of the gods in nick pot.  Looking down to the specs of light of my fellow cavers far below me.

Two completely different moments showing the diversity of caving

Rowten Pot on ladders and carbide. The ladders on the big pitch, twisting and glinting in the dim daylight from above and the soft warm glow of a naked flame.

The first time I was underwater in a cave and not entirely focussed on the next air surface. Wookey Hole, between chambers 1 and 3, I suddenly realised how beautiful it was to be weightless in my favourite environment, I stopped thinking about getting to the end and started just apreciating where I was.

Daylight and beer after we finished opening the Nenthead traverse and completed the 16km through trip for the first time (in decades?).

Standing naked under the waterfall in Gaping Gill main chamber after a long sweaty trip. (I didn't even considered the possibility of someone dropping a stone down from the surface, but having now had that thought, I won't be doing this again!)

Gaping Gill and other big pitchers on ladder, somebody's carbide blowing up.

Dihedral Route, GG – the first time I did it I was utterly gob-smacked by the exposure, the waterfall, the sheer specatacle of it all.

Again a tough call but:
My 1st caving trip at 10yo down ofd1. The whole trip was spectacular in my eyes and was the reason I chose the caving club at uni in freshers week. Never looked back.
Worst moments? Coming back from white river series in peak to find 5 arches dumped off. That was character-building.


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